TikTok: Child Hears ‘Monster’ in the Walls, Turning to Shocking Discovery

A seemingly eerie tale of nighttime noises turned into a real-life scare for a family residing in a century-old farmhouse. Initially dismissed as a child’s imagination, the “monsters” in the walls were revealed to be a massive colony of 50,000 bees, as discovered by homeowner Ashley Massis Class, who shared her frightening experience on TikTok.

The viral video, gathering over 6.5 million views, depicted thermal imaging that hinted at movement behind the walls of the child’s bedroom, raising fears of a far more sinister presence. However, the reality, while less dangerous, was no less startling: a hidden swarm of bees had made the walls their home.

Class, who shared the story with PEOPLE, explained that the family initially thought their daughter’s claims of monsters were influenced by recently watching the movie “Monsters, Inc.” Skepticism prevailed until the parents noticed bees entering their attic and subsequently called in a pest control expert. This led to the surprising discovery of honeybees, a species currently considered endangered, living within the structure of their home.

The situation escalated when a portion of the wall was removed, unleashing streams of bees and oozing honey that bizarrely resembled blood against the daughter’s pink walls. The removal process was intensive, involving the extraction of the queen bee and significant honeycomb segments.

The aftermath of the bee invasion has been costly for the family, with damages to the farmhouse estimated at around $20,000. This includes necessary repairs to re-insulate and seal the wall, along with the rewiring of electrical components that were damaged by honey.

While the event was undoubtedly distressing, the successful removal of the bees was a crucial step in preserving the endangered species, even as it left the family to deal with the significant disruption and repair of their home.

See more from Class’ ongoing saga below:

@classashley What nighthmares are made of #bees #toddlersoftiktok #toddlers ♬ Oh No – Kreepa
@classashley Replying to @Brooke Day 1 Bee Removal with a Beekeeper #bees #savethebees #earthday #nightmarefuel ♬ A Gentle Sunlight – James Quinn
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@classashley Day 4. Ready to close these walls and not have honey/bees all over everything. Beekeeper will thankfully be making an emergency appearance tonight #honeybees #savethebees #homerenovations #toddlersoftiktok #nightmarefuel #beegate ♬ walking on a dream by empire of the sun – sophie
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@classashley Replying to @paulinaa2x I completely agree. There’s an unestimated number of bees left and they’re raging #bees #savethebees #nightmarefuel #toddlerroom ♬ original sound – Ashley
@classashley Day 4: We’ve sealed off the room except to check the progress 1-2x a day or grab clothes for my daughter. The beekeeper is coming today to check if we csn start sealing the holes. Bees are still coming through since the tape won’t stick to the walls #savethebees #nightmarefuel #bees #toddlersoftiktok ♬ Ed bassmaster – The Potted Oasis
@classashley Replying to @lexi 🎀 Update 4: Still seeing thousands of bees even though 50k were removed (safely) from our daughter’s room wall #honeybees #bees #savethebees #homerenovation #toddlertiktok #momsoftiktok #beegate #nightmarefuel ♬ Who’s Afraid of Little Old Me? – Taylor Swift

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