‘My Best Friend’s Wedding’ Star Faced Career Slump After Smash Hit

Dermot Mulroney, known for his role in the 1997 romantic comedy “My Best Friend’s Wedding,” recently shared with the New York Times that the film’s marketing might have influenced his career in unexpected ways. Despite the movie’s success, grossing nearly $300 million globally, Mulroney experienced a surprising downturn, finding himself out of work for a year following its release.

Mulroney attributed this career hiccup to his minimal presence on the movie poster, jokingly suggesting that his reduced size might have made him less recognizable to casting directors. “I was sitting there ready for the gift with purchase that was supposed to come along with being in a popular movie, and instead, I probably didn’t work for a year,” he explained. “I chalked it up to me being so tiny on the poster, the little guy on the cake. I thought, gosh, you guys, if you’d made me a little bigger, maybe I could have gotten a job.”

The film, which also starred Julia Roberts and Cameron Diaz, became a significant part of Mulroney’s filmography and he later continued to thrive in the romantic comedy genre with movies like “The Wedding Date.” Interestingly, Julia Roberts was instrumental in Mulroney landing his role in “My Best Friend’s Wedding,” having preferred him over the director P.J. Hogan’s initial choice, Russell Crowe, who has since dismissed claims of his involvement as fictional.

Mulroney also shared insights from his recent return to the rom-com scene with the film “Anyone but You,” where he acts alongside Sydney Sweeney. Reflecting on the genre’s impact, he offered advice to newer actors like Glen Powell, emphasizing the lasting influence of romantic comedies on audiences. “‘What these movies mean to people,’ I told Glen, ‘will last for decades. It will last until after you’re gone in a way that maybe the other cool stuff he’s doing won’t. It has a different kind of absorption,'” Mulroney remarked.

As Dermot Mulroney continues to navigate his diverse acting career, his experiences underscore the unpredictable nature of the film industry and the enduring appeal of romantic comedies.

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