Julia Roberts Almost Dropped Out of “Notting Hill”

Actress Julia Roberts, one of the most recognized names in Hollywood, recently delved into her experience filming one of the most beloved British romantic comedies, “Notting Hill”. During a conversation with Richard Curtis, screenwriter for “Notting Hill”, for a British Vogue interview, Roberts opened up about her discomfort playing the role of Anna Scott and her unexpected struggles on set.

Roberts Almost Passed on “Notting Hill”

During her talk with Curtis, Roberts made an intriguing confession – she had considered not taking on the role of Anna Scott, an American movie actress in the film. “One of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do was your movie, playing a movie actress,” she shared with the writer. “I was so uncomfortable! I mean, we’ve talked about this so many times, but I almost didn’t take the part because it just seemed… oh, it just seemed so awkward. I didn’t even know how to play that person.”

Struggles with Costume Choices

Roberts’ challenges were not limited to her role alone. In the interview, she also revealed her dislike for her costume in the film. It seems, ironically, she found donning the garb of a movie star quite loathsome. So much so that Roberts sent her driver back to fetch the clothes she planned to wear for the movie’s iconic “I’m also just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her” scene.

The Unexpected Fame of a Line

She admitted that while she found the aforementioned line “great” at the time, she had little anticipation of it becoming as famous as it did. She remarked, “but who knew that that would become the line.”

The Lasting Impact of “Notting Hill”

Over the years, “Notting Hill” has been a pop culture favorite, weaving the heartwarming story of Anna (Roberts) and William Thacker (played by Hugh Grant), who after a chance encounter and a spilled orange juice, engage in a passionate love affair. The film beautifully explores their struggles to reconcile their diverse lifestyles in a thoughtful and often humorous manner.

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