Lucy Liu Doubts Possibility of Charlie’s Angels 3 Production

In her recent appearance at Variety Studio, Lucy Liu, one of the lead stars in the famed Charlie’s Angels films of 2000 and 2003, expressed her doubts over the possibility of a third installment of the franchise despite its popularity and her co-star Cameron Diaz’s return to acting. Citing changes in times and societal perceptions since the original movies, Liu doesn’t deem a third film “feasible”.

Reservations About a Third Charlie’s Angels Film

Liu confessed to not knowing how another sequel could be feasible. Since the time of their release, the idea of three leading ladies sharing the big screen was revolutionary and “strange”. Many years have passed and societal norms have shifted since then. Whether or not such a movie could have the same impact in today’s world is doubtful, according to Liu. Nevertheless, the actress fondly remembers her time with the franchise and specifies that she would be “shocked” if a third movie was to happen.

Lucy Liu’s Time as a Charlie’s Angel

The Charlie’s Angels films starred Liu, Cameron Diaz, and Drew Barrymore as a group of women running a private detective agency. A reboot from the 1976 hit crime drama television series, these films were a resounding success, grossing over $500 million worldwide. Liu recalls the novelty of having three women as lead stars during promotional rounds and the significant cultural change this represented. Traditionally, women were not depicted this way on screens and magazines.

Third Installment and Its Reception

A third installment of Charlie’s Angels, featuring Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott, and Ella Balinska, was released in 2019. However, this installment was not as successful as its predecessors. It received less-than-flattering reviews and performed poorly at the box office, further fueling Liu’s doubts about another sequel to the original film series.

Wrapping Up

As far as Lucy Liu is concerned, another sequel to the original Charlie’s Angels films may never see the light of day despite the franchise’s popularity and cultural impact. With the film industry’s continuous evolution and the changing societal roles of women, the future of the franchise will indeed be something to watch. For more updates on your favorite movies and stars, check out HitPlay.

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