MacFarlane and Scorsese Team Up to Save Classic Cartoons

Seth MacFarlane, notable for creating Family Guy, and renowned filmmaker Martin Scorsese have jointly initiated a new venture in preserving treasured animation. MacFarlane, alongside Scorsese, will contribute to the first-ever ‘curated restoration of historically significant animated shorts’. The project is supported by the respective foundations of these reputable figures within film and television. The collection slated for restoration includes works from classic cartoonists, including Max and Dave Fleischer, George Pal, and Paul Terry.

Seth MacFarlane and Martin Scorsese

MacFarlane and Scorsese are leaders in their industries, and their admiration for each other’s work is evidently mutual. “I’m so grateful to Seth MacFarlane for his enthusiasm and his support on these restorations,” said Scorsese. MacFarlane returned the praise, stating, “The work Martin Scorsese and his Film Foundation have been doing is essential cinematic preservation. I’m honored to partner with them in restoring their first-ever collection of storied animation.”

Classic Animations Restored

The works being restored underscore a wide range of classic animation styles and stories. The animated shorts that’ll be part of the restoration project include works dating back to the 1920s through to the 1940s. The collection is set to be showcased at the TCM Classic Film Festival on April 20, 2024. The titles to be presented by MacFarlane include memorable works like Koko’s Tattoo, Little Nobody, The Little Stranger, Greedy Humpty Dumpty, Peeping Penguins, The Fresh Vegetable Mystery, So Does An Automobile, The Three Bears, and Two-Gun Rusty.

Wrapping Up

The initiative by MacFarlane and Scorsese is aimed at preserving a significant era in animation. The fact that the restorations will be presented to a new audience at a reputable film festival is a move to celebrate and acknowledge the value of these classic works. As they say, old is gold, and this initiative is bringing back the golden era of animation to a new audience. You can check out more animation related content here.

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