‘Narcos’ Creator Developing Peaky Blinders-style Irish Gangs Series in NY

Chris Brancato, famed creator of the hit series, Narcos, has revealed his plans for new projects that are set to thrill fans of the period drama genre. The writer and producer announced that he is currently developing a series that can most closely be described as bearing similarities to the likes of Peaky Blinders, but with a twist. Rather than the gritty back-streets of Birmingham, England, viewers will be transported to late 19th-century New York where Irish gangs ruled the underworld. Details for this promising project were shared by Brancato during his appearance at the TV festival, Series Mania, in Lille, France.

Details on the New Series

The intriguing series, currently working under the title, The Westies, aims to depict the lives of the “fearsome Irish gangs” who dominated New York’s criminal landscape during the late 1800s. The forthcoming crime series is being developed for MGM+. However, aside from providing the working title and a broad contextual description of the show, Brancato chose to keep additional details of his newest endeavour under wraps.

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Following in the Footsteps of Martin Scorsese

The era and setting that The Westies plans to portray is one that has been previously explored to critical acclaim. Notably by iconic director, Martin Scorsese in his 2002 Oscar-nominated film, Gangs of New York. The period thriller stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Daniel Day-Lewis and effectively encapsulates the rise of Irish gangs and their ensuing power struggles, largely due to mass immigration during the late 19th century, both within their criminal fraternity and against rivals in the notorious Five Points neighborhood of lower Manhattan.

Additional Projects by Chris Brancato

Brancato, not one to rest on his laurels and content to keep his creative juices flowing, disclosed that he is simultaneously planning a second season of his new MGM+ show Hotel Cocaine. The series revolves around a Cuban exile who serves as the general manager of a Miami hotel during the late 70s and early 80s, a time and place known to be notably infamous for the cocaine epidemic. The crime thriller showcases the talent of The Shield star, Michael Chiklis.

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Wrapping Up

As he continues forging his mark in the realm of period crime/drama series, Chris Brancato is cementing his reputation as a creator of fascinating stories that captivate and educate audiences. With a series set to explore the brutal world of Irish gangs in New York and another season of the thrilling Hotel Cocaine, audiences will have much to look forward to from this acclaimed creator. Make sure to stay tuned for further updates and be the first to catch these promising series by visiting the HitPlay.

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