19 Year Old Walton Goggins Arrived in LA with $300

Walton Goggins, a renowned actor known for his performances in Justified, The Righteous Gemstones, and Fallout, did not immediately achieve fame. Rising from very modest beginnings with diverse side gigs, Goggins has gradually emerged as a highly sought-after performer known for adding a unique blend of charm and menace. He kept supporting himself financially with side jobs even after his acting career took off, demonstrating his conservative fiscal approach. When he finally opted to live exclusively off his acting work, it marked a significant turning point in his journey.

Early Struggles and Hard Work

“A poor kid from Georgia” is how Walton Goggins describes his humble roots. He moved to Los Angeles at 19 years of age, with only $300 in his pocket. Without further ado, he started working at a health club the very morning he arrived in L.A. Confessing that he is not afraid of work, he said to Business Insider that he upheld the hustler spirit since that day.

Not Just an Actor

Throughout his journey, he undertook multiple roles outside of acting. From starting a valet parking business and selling cowboy boots, to providing personal training services, Goggins explored many avenues. He maintained this class of jobs that allowed him to take acting opportunities when they arose. His fiscal prudence extended to a point where he engaged in side jobs for five years longer than necessary, saving up his earnings from acting.

The Turning Point

The turning point in Goggins’ career came when he managed to secure a role in the film The Apostle alongside the esteemed Robert Duvall. At this point, he felt he had enough financial cushion to take a bold step – to rely solely on his acting income. Reflecting on this crucial transition in his life, he explained how earning from his side jobs had allowed him to safely save his acting income.

Fallout: The Latest Venture

Goggins is currently seen in Fallout, a show now streaming on Amazon Prime Video. In this, he greatly engages the audience with his portrayal of The Ghoul, a 200-year old bounty hunter.

Wrapping Up

Goggins’ success story paints a picture of resilience, fiscal discipline, and dedication to craft. His varied roles off-screen were essential stepping stones leading to the esteemed position he enjoys in the acting world today. For more inspiring stories like this, make sure to check out the HitPlay app.

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