Update on ‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ Season 5 Situation

The future of the popular legal drama series “Law & Order: Organized Crime” starring Christopher Meloni has become a topic of discussion among fans, as there is uncertainty regarding its renewal. While NBC has traditionally renewed “Organized Crime” alongside “Law & Order: SVU”, things took a different turn for the fifth season. “SVU” along with the revived original “Law & Order” were renewed, leaving “Organized Crime” in limbo.

The Petition to Save the Series

Amid speculation of the show’s potential cancellation, fans have launched a petition to save it. The series saw the character Elliot Stabler going undercover, garnering the attention and support of viewers.

Possible Shift to Streaming

Nellie Andreeva from Deadline reports a potential plan from NBC to move the series to its streaming platform, NBCUniversal’s Peacock. If this happens, it could bring an original Wolf drama series to Peacock’s existing accumulation of Wolf library and next-day runs of Wolf Entertainment NBC series, which are some of the platform’s most viewed titles.

Precedents and Potential Changes

Andreeva further reports that there are ongoing talks about the possible migration of “Organized Crime” to Peacock for its fifth season. This is not without precedent, as another series, “Law & Order: Criminal Intent”, made a smooth transition to a different platform, USA Network, after its first six seasons on NBC.

This change might disappoint viewers who enjoy uninterrupted NBC Thursday nights, but it could also amplify Peacock’s subscriptions. Furthermore, there is no restriction against Christopher Meloni appearing on “SVU” to continue his on-screen rapport with Mariska Hargitay’s character, Olivia Benson.

Wrapping Up

As fans wait for a definitive answer, the hope is that NBCUniversal will decide soon. The uncertainty is keeping the audience on edge. Whatever the outcome, fans can always revisit their favorite “Law & Order: Organized Crime” episodes on HitPlay.

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