Watch ‘Suits’ For Free: Simple Guide for New Viewers

The legal drama Suits will debut on MyNetwork TV after achieving popularity among American viewers last summer. Its captivating storylines helped it to dethrone The Office as the most-watched background show. The new TV broadcast will introduce the series to a larger audience, adding a new dimension to its syndication journey from cable to streaming, and now to free television.

From Streaming Dominance to Broadcast TV

Suits achieved new heights of popularity with its successful run on streaming platforms. A Reuters report shows how the show even succeeded in surpassing the viewership figures of The Office. Audiences have showcased an interest in the enthralling legal tales, preferring them over the office shenanigans of Michael Scott.

A Rare Broadcasting Journey

According to a report from Variety, this is the first time a show has transitioned from cable to streaming services and then to a broadcast run. Frank Cicha, executive VP of programming for Fox Television Stations, expressed his excitement over the forward trajectory of Suits, highlighting how rare such a broadcasting journey is.

Suits: A Continued Saga

The launch of Suits on MyNetwork TV is the latest chapter for the successful drama. The show also has a podcast on SiriusXM hosted by its stars, Patrick J. Adams and Sarah Rafferty. Additionally, the series is in the process of developing its spinoff, showcasing the continued interest in the Suits franchise.

Wrapping Up

The legal drama Suits has set unique records, engaging audiences on multiple platforms from cable and streaming services to free television broadcasts. The show continues to captivate audiences with its witty storytelling, now reaching a wider audience via its debut on MyNetwork TV. To catch more such interesting shows, visit HitPlay.

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