New ‘The Office’ Confirmed to be in Development by Greg Daniels

Greg Daniels, renowned for his role as the showrunner of “The Office,” and Michael Koman, co-creator of “Nathan for You,” are joining forces to bring a fresh series into the world of “The Office.” According to a report by Variety, this new endeavor is still in the early stages of development at Universal Television, with a development room opened as of January this year.

The upcoming series aims to explore a different facet of the “The Office” universe, promising a departure from the familiar confines of Dunder Mifflin to introduce audiences to a new office environment and a completely new cast of characters. Details about the show’s concept and storyline remain under wraps at this moment.

Michael Koman’s portfolio extends across several high-profile projects including “Saturday Night Live,” “The Colbert Report,” “Late Night With Conan O’Brien,” and “Girls5Eva.” He is also known for co-creating and writing “The Jack and Triumph Show.” On the other hand, Greg Daniels boasts an impressive resume with contributions to “Saturday Night Live,” “The Simpsons,” “King of the Hill,” “Parks and Recreation,” and even the “Seinfeld” episode titled “The Parking Space,” among others.

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