Ryan Gosling’s ‘Papyrus 2’ Unveiled in Full SNL Sketch Video

Prominent actor Ryan Gosling has emerged in numerous box office hits, building a substantial filmography of successful projects. Recently, during his stint at Saturday Night Live, Gosling caught attention by bringing to light a cinematic element that has been a long-neglected part of his professional interest.

Rekindling Encounter with Avatar

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On April 14, Gosling revisited his fictional character, Steven Wingdings, who exhibits a quirky displeasure towards the choice of typography for the film franchise Avatar, specifically the font used in its logo. The storyline, initiated in 2017, portrays the character’s unique fixation on this inconsequential detail of an o​therwise globally acclaimed film. Watch this comedic yarn unfold here.

Justifiable Resistance & a Bold Move

Despite initial reactions, Gosling as Steven Wingdings does have a point. With Avatar star Zoe Saldaña fancily spieling about the franchise’s expansion plans across a potential of six and seven sequels, the importance Gosling laid on the visual details can be contemplated as worthwhile. This prominence singlehandedly drove Gosling’s character into an adventurous espionage to enter Disney’s heavily fortified intellectual space. His strategy involved emotional manipulation of an IT staff member of the Disney corporate office.

A Stand, A Realization

During this fantastical episode, Gosling boldly voices his discontent to the chief graphic designer amid a room full of Disney’s staff. Post his carefully articulated speech, he confronts an epiphany and concedes to value all typography choices, inclusive of the Papyrus font.

Visual art enthusiasts and thriller aficionados will find a smirk from this comedic sketch.

Wrapping Up

If you too find yourself intrigued by the nitty-gritty of film’s visual compositions or have a penchant for pierce wit, this is a sketch worth your time. Get a glimpse of the engaging sketch here.

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