Lord & Miller partner with ‘Ted Lasso’ creator to revive Clone High

The year was 2002 when Phil Lord and Chris Miller partnered with Bill Lawrence to create an animated series called “Clone High.” Despite its promising premise, the show only ran for one season before its cancellation and eventual obscurity.

However, fate had a different plan for the creators. Lord and Miller rose to fame as a filmmaking duo with 21 Jump Street, The Lego Movie, Into the Spider-verse among other movies, while Lawrence secured a successful career in TV production with hits like “Scrubs” and “Ted Lasso.”

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Now, the trio is seeking redemption by reviving “Clone High” on HBO Max. The teaser for the new series suggests that the basic premise remains the same – a high school filled with clones of historical figures – but with a twist. The government is behind the clone experiment and the teenagers are R-rated, behaving like jerks in a comedic manner.

The star-studded cast includes the likes of Will Forte, Nicole Sullivan, and Michael Bolton, among others. The show’s return this spring promises to be a humorous and engaging ride through its quirky world of historical clones.

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