GTA, Red Dead Online: No More Griefing

Rockstar Games has announced an updated set of community guidelines aimed at ensuring a positive, respectful, and safe gaming experience for all. The new guidelines particularly focus on banning griefing, a common practice within the Grand Theft Auto Online and Red Dead Online communities.

New Community Guidelines from Rockstar Games

The new guidelines were released to provide a fair and enjoyable game experience for everyone. They focus on eliminating griefing, a disruptive practice that’s been commonplace within Grand Theft Auto Online and Red Dead Online communities. Following this move, any players found to be griefing can expect to face penalties.

This update is not the first step taken to tackle this issue. Rockstar Games had previously launched a 2022 update to Grand Theft Auto Online with mechanisms designed to reduce instances of griefing, by affecting the game ratio only during competitive play.

Defining Fair Play

The updated community guidelines define fair play and offer an explanation of the behaviors they are aiming to prevent. The guidelines emphasize that cheating and griefing can lead to a potential loss of player privileges. Cheating is defined as gaining an unfair advantage using hacks, cheats, exploits or third-party software, while griefing refers to intentionally causing annoyance or obstructing a player’s experience and progress through unintended uses of the game.

Expectations and Safety Measures

In addition to addressing griefing and cheating, the community guidelines outline expectations of respect among players and encourage active support for newcomers. Harassment, bullying, and any form of threats or attacks against a player’s identity are explicitly forbidden. Players’ safety is also covered in the guidelines, with a firm stance against any behavior that may cause harm to others or promotes real-world illegal activities.

Wrapping Up

The new community guidelines from Rockstar Games represent a fresh approach to maintaining a fair, respectful, and safe online gaming environment for players. They mark an active effort to eliminate disruptive gaming practices like griefing and cheating. For more gaming content and news, check out HitPlay.

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