2023’s Top Game on Nintendo Switch Receives First Major Discount

Hogwarts Legacy Now On Discount

Hogwarts Legacy, the best-selling Nintendo Switch game of 2023, is now available at a massive discount on Nintendo Switch, Switch Lite, and Switch OLED via the Nintendo eShop. The game, originally priced at $59.99, is currently available at $35.99 following a 40% discount. This lucrative offer will run till April 1, after which the game will return to its original price.

This game managed to break the monopoly established by Call of Duty and titles by Rockstar Games, making it the first game to outsell these behemoths in years. The Harry Potter game, which was initially not compatible with Nintendo Switch, was released on the platform on November 14, months after its original release date on February 10. Data from Metacritic indicates a competent and comparable performance of this version in relation to others, even though there is an insufficient number of reviews for the Switch version.

Game Specifications and Requirements

Interested gamers who wish to purchase this game from the discounted eShop sale would need to spare around 14.5 GB of their Nintendo Switch space for its download. The game, which is essentially an open-world action RPG, can take up to 25-30 hours to be completed and around 70 hours for 100% completion.

Hogwarts Legacy is an inspiring, open-world action RPG, founded on the world developed in the Harry Potter books. Now you can be the main character of your journey in the wizarding world, which is set in Hogwarts in the 1800s. Make allies, challenge dark wizards, and ultimately, you have the power to determine the future of the wizarding world. Your legacy is what you make of it. Unleash your unwritten journey,” reads an official summary of the game.

For a deeper understanding of the game’s offerings, you can check out the official 4K launch trailer.

Disney’s Hogwarts Legacy: A Comprehensive Review

In terms of gameplay and richness of the magical world, Hogwarts Legacy is nothing short of a stimulating experience for players. The task of transferring the magic from the pages of a book to an interactive visual platform was a challenging one, which the game has managed efficiently while also ensuring an engaging and fun gaming experience. The game has already made a mark and is being recognized as one of the best games from 2023.

Wrapping Up

The massive discount on Hogwarts Legacy is a golden opportunity for gamers who have relished the detailed world of Harry Potter in visual and literary forms previously, to experience it in an interactive gaming world. The gaming enthusiasts who are yet to delve into the wizarding world are recommended to explore this opportunity to immerse themselves in a captivating gaming experience at a great bargain. More discussions on Nintendo Switch, its latest news and eShop deals can be found here.

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