Ryan Gosling Suggested Emma Stone for ‘I’m Just Ken’

The 2024 Academy Awards upheld the belief that Hollywood has bounced back after the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. The event celebrated the exceptional work from major industry talents such as Robert Downey Jr. and Cillian Murphy for their performance in Oppenheimer. Additionally, Emma Stone bagged the Best Actress award for Poor Things. A noteworthy moment from the ceremony was Ryan Gosling’s meticulously planned performance, “I’m Just Ken,” featuring a significant interaction with Emma Stone.

Ryan Gosling’s Judiciously Choreographed Act

A notable portion of the Academy Awards was Ryan Gosling’s performance of “I’m Just Ken,” which appeared to be more impromptu than it was. As per a Variety breakdown, the Drive star had been working diligently with choreographer Mandy Moore on creating this number. He put forward several ideas, including those involving Emma Stone and Margot Robbie.

Key Interactions during the Dance Number

During the performance, Gosling moves over to various co-nominees, including Emma Stone, to share the spotlight. This participatory moment showcases not just the talent but also the unity within the industry. Gosling later turns to Stone after singing “I’m just Ken,” inviting her to the microphone, a part of the performance that was well-received by the audience.

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A deeper look at the Relationship between Gosling and Stone

Emma Stone’s inclusion in Gosling’s performance gave a nod to their longstanding professional rapport. While she wasn’t involved in Barbie, the film from which the song originated, Stone and Gosling shared prominent screen space in films like Crazy, Stupid, Love, Gangster Squad, and La La Land. Notably, both were Oscar nominees, marking a repeat of their simultaneous nomination in 2017 for La La Land.

The Underscored Theme behind the Performance

Beyond the surface-level humor of the song, Gosling’s performance cleverly integrated deeper meaning. He put in efforts to highlight not just the act but also the key figures from his past who have significantly contributed to his career, like Stone and Greta Gerwig. The performance encompassed nuances that extended beyond the role he played in Barbie, going so far as to mention Marilyn Monroe, hinting at his appreciation for the industry’s history and impactful individuals.

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Watch the Performance Online

The performance of “I’m Just Ken” from the Oscars can be viewed on YouTube. For film buffs interested in Gosling’s previous musical roles, La La Land, featuring Emma Stone, is currently rentable on Amazon.

Wrapping Up

Ryan Gosling’s meticulously choreographed performance in the 2024 Academy Awards underscores the quintessence of Hollywood – teamwork and creativity. To catch more such electrifying performances and award-winning cinematic experiences, head to HitPlay. Keep the magic of cinema alive!