Shakira and Her Sons Found ‘BARBIE’ Emasculating … “Let Men Be Men!”

The film industry was greatly impacted by Greta Gerwig’s film, Barbie, which generated over a billion dollars at the box office and clinched multiple Oscar nominations. However, not everyone was pleased with the production, particularly singer Shakira’s sons, who, according to the singer, viewed it as negatively representative of men. Shakira provided her insights on this perception, emphasizing the need for fair representation of both genders in society.

Barbie’s Critical Acclaim and Controversy

The comedic film Barbie earned positive reviews from critics who appreciated its casting, Greta Gerwig’s vision, and feminist undertones. Despite this widespread approval, the movie garnered criticism regarding its portrayal of men. Shakira, in an interview with Allure, disclosed that her sons did not approve of the film, finding it to be emasculating. She concurred with them to some extent, stating her desire to nurture respect for women in her children while still allowing them to feel empowered as men.

Shakira’s Perspective

Shakira elaborated on her viewpoint, arguing that Barbie does not offer a commendative depiction of men. The narrative portrays the men as party-goers and surfers in a world largely dominated by women who have a multitude of careers. This brought forth accusations of anti-male bias from various news sources. The Colombian singer opined that the societal roles of both men and women should be interrogated. She advocated for a cooperative approach where both genders share responsibilities.

Barbie’s Impact on Gender Representation

The Barbie film drew attention to the traditional portrayal of women as love interests or sidekicks by presenting the men in a similar light. The character Ken, portrayed by Ryan Gosling, undertakes a journey of self-discovery. Kens, like Barbie, have to contend for their rightful place in society. Prominent actors including Ryan Gosling and Margot Robbie have addressed the film’s representation of Ken, arguing for a balance where men can support women without being reduced to mere accessories.

Wrapping Up

While the film Barbie was hailed as a success, it sparked conversations about gender representation. Shakira’s sons’ disapproval of the movie emphasized the need for a balanced portrayal of both genders in films and society at large. As these discussions continue, audiences can witness the film for themselves on a Max subscription. For more updates about the latest in the entertainment industry, visit HitPlay.

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