‘Fraggle Rock’ Puppeteers Share Their Shock About Larry David’s Attack on Elmo; Elmo’s Ok Though

The puppeteers behind Jim Henson’s Fraggle Rock have spoken out about an incident involving the unexpected attack on the Sesame Street character, Elmo, by actor and comedian Larry David. This transpired on the Today show in February, causing concern among puppeteers due to the potential dangers associated with it.

Puppeteers Share Their Shock About Larry David’s Actions

While attending a press event celebrating the launch of Fraggle Rock: Back to the Rock on Apple TV, John Tartaglia and Dan Garza, puppeteers of Gobo Fraggle and Junior Gorg respectively, shared their reactions to Larry David’s unscripted act. They expressed their shock and emphasized the dangers this could pose for puppeteers.

Tartaglia voiced his concern stating, “You know, there was a person’s hand inside of there and that wasn’t a planned thing. The puppeteer in me was like, ‘Oh my god, that’s super dangerous. You just grabbed someone’s hand and twisted it.’” Thankfully, the puppeteer inside Elmo was reported to have been okay following the incident.

Dramatic On-air Encounter on the ‘Today’ Show

The incident in question occurred as David, famous for his roles in Curb Your Enthusiasm and Seinfeld, was preparing to appear next on the Today show. At the same time, Elmo was on-air promoting well-being resources offered by Sesame Street. The unexpected turn of events left hosts Craig Melvin, Savannah Guthrie, and Hoda Kotb visibly shocked.

David’s sudden interruption of Elmo’s segment by physically attacking the puppet, was completely unscripted, an unforeseen moment caught on live television.

The Aftermath of the Incident

Following the incident, David, alongside hosts Kotb and Guthrie, was asked to speak to Elmo directly. Despite being initially dismissive, David then offered an apology to Elmo, which the puppet accepted seamlessly. However, later that day on the Late Night With Seth Myers show, David admitted he would “do it again,” seemingly brushing off his earlier apology.

Puppeteers Reflect on the Magic and Risks of Their Job

While David’s actions may have been taken lightly, puppeteer Garza shared his insights with audiences about the intricate dynamic of working with puppets. He highlighted how powerful it can be to bring these characters to life, but also reminded us of the potential risks involved, “That’s the magic in our job, is that we bring these critters to life and you forget that there’s a person attached.”

Wrapping Up

This striking incident serves as a reminder of the collaborative effort and potential risks behind the scenes of puppet shows. While we all connect with the vivid, animated characters on screen, it’s important to remember the individuals behind them, personifying these characters. To dive more into the captivating world of filmmaking, visit HitPlay.

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