What Do You Mean There Are Plans for ‘The Family Plan 2’?

In a bewildering twist of Hollywood magic, Simon Cellan Jones, the director hailed for the Apple TV+ film, “The Family Plan,” appears to have been bitten by the sequel bug, musing over the possibility of a “The Family Plan 2.” Yes, you read that right: a sequel to a movie that, let’s be honest, didn’t exactly set the world on fire. This comes as a particularly curious development given Mark Wahlberg’s recent cinematic journey, which hasn’t seen him fronting a universally acclaimed hit since, well, his performance in 2016’s “Patriots Day.” His most recent brush with blockbuster success? “Uncharted” – a film that, while financially successful, didn’t quite leave an indelible mark on the fabric of cinematic history.

Jones, seemingly unfazed by the mixed reception of recent projects, shared his excitement at the prospect of reuniting the original band of filmmakers for another go. Despite the original film’s trope-laden, by-the-numbers approach that might have left some viewers checking their watches, Jones relishes his current jobless bliss with a side of sequel contemplation.

Jones said to ComingSoon, “I don’t know. We talk about a sequel to The Family Plan, which I think would be really fun to get the old gang back together,” he said. “And I’m doing that thing where I’m reading some scripts. I’m in that time where I’m pleased not to be working, and then in a month, I’m going to be panicking that I’m not working. You know how it goes. So what I’m doing is taking the peace while I can and trying to find my next project. I haven’t found it for sure yet.”

The original “The Family Plan” brought us Wahlberg as Dan Morgan: car salesman, devoted family man, and, oh yes, former government assassin. Because, of course, what’s a suburban dad without a hidden past of international espionage? As his enemies resurface, Dan is thrust into an action-packed, cross-country adventure to Las Vegas, promising his family a vacation they’ll never forget, all while keeping his assassin skills under wraps.

And now, as Jones toys with the idea of a sequel, one can’t help but scratch their head and wonder: Are we craving more of this unexpectedly resilient franchise? Or is this just another case of Hollywood’s love affair with the safe bet of sequels and reboots?

Wrapping Up

The thought of “The Family Plan 2” might excite some, bewildering others who ponder the necessity of revisiting a narrative that felt complete (or as complete as such a narrative can feel). Yet, in the sprawling landscape of film franchises, perhaps there’s room for Dan Morgan’s return. Will audiences flock to see Wahlberg dive back into his double life? Only time will tell. For now, we’re left to ponder the possibilities and revisit the original on HitPlay.

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