Ariana Madix Announced as Host of ‘Love Island USA’

Ariana Madix, known for her role in “Vanderpump Rules”, returns to “Love Island USA” but this time as the official host. The announcement comes shortly after Sarah Hyland, last season’s host, confirmed her departure from the show. Madix’s new role starts with the much-anticipated sixth season, set to air exclusively on Peacock this summer.

Ariana Madix as the New Host

Following her various endeavors after her time on “Vanderpump Rules”, Ariana Madix is adding another project to her growing repertoire. Taking on the “Love Island USA” hosting gig, she officially becomes part of this popular reality dating show.

Previously, Madix had played a part on “Love Island USA” and “Love Island Games”, allowing fans to get a taste of what they can expect with her taking the reins. Her first stint on the show occurred a few months after her ex, Tom Sandoval, with whom she famously had a disagreement regarding the show.

Advice for Love Island USA contestants

As a big fan and previous participant, Madix shared some wisdom with the “Love Island USA” contestants, warning them about the importance of identifying compatibility as early as possible. She advised, “If they’re not the one for you, trust me, it’s better to find out sooner rather than later.”

Life After Scandal

Madix’s new hosting duties come after a particularly tough year. Last year, news broke that her longtime partner, Sandoval, had cheated on her with their co-star and Ariana Madix’s former friend, Rachel Leviss. However, she’s managed to stay productive, proving her resilience and determination.

Successful Endeavors

Among Madix’s recent activities, she’s made several guest appearances on “Love Island”, secured third place in “Dancing With the Stars” Season 32, and even released her cocktail recipe book “Single AF Cocktails: Drinks For Bad B*tches”. Madix has also taken on the role of Roxie Hart in “Chicago” on Broadway and is in the process of launching her sandwich shop, Something About Her, with “VPR” co-star Katie Maloney.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, the multi-talented Ariana Madix is all set to make waves as the new host of “Love Island USA”. Known to be a fan of the show, Madix’s past experience and enthusiasm are likely to bring fresh energy and a unique perspective. As the new season of “Love Island USA” draws closer, fans can look forward to interesting changes under her stewardship. You can catch all the action on HitPlay.

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