Ned’s Declassified’ Stars Make Joke About Drake Bell on TikTok

The cast from the TV show ‘Ned’s Declassified School Survivor’s Guide,’ consisting of Devon Werkheiser, Lindsey Shaw, and Daniel Curtis Lee, recently voiced their regrets over a joke made about actor and musician Drake Bell. The joke gained significant negative attention earlier this week. During a TikTok Live session, the former Nickelodeon child actors found themselves fielding fan questions regarding the recent docuseries ‘Quiet on Set: The Dark Side of Kids TV.’ This docuseries features Drake Bell’s revelations about childhood sexual abuse.

A Controversial Joke Addressed

The controversy arose when Werkheiser responded to a comment about the docuseries with a joke aimed at co-star Lee. The joke was perceived as distasteful and, more critically, as a means to mock Bell’s recent revelations. Werkheiser quickly attempted to rectify his error by stipulating their behavior was entirely unlike the toxic behavior reported on Nickelodeon shows under producer Dan Schneider’s tenure.

Apology Issued on Social Media

After Bell called out the actors, Werkheiser issued an apology on X (formerly Twitter). He confessed that his actions were thoughtless and expressed remorse for hurting his fellow Nickelodeon star. Werkheiser also admitted that his ignorance of the docuseries’ content was inexcusable, expressing regret for commenting without having watched it.

Further Addressing the Issue on their Podcast

The stars further discussed their regretful comments on Bell and the docuseries during their own podcast, ‘Ned’s Declassified Podcast Survival Guide.’ Werkheiser confessed their lack of knowledge about the docuseries during the time they made the inappropriate joke. Now having watched the disturbing documentary, he expressed understanding towards viewers’ outrage at their thoughtless jest.

Werkheiser further addressed Bell’s reaction on social media. The musician had retweeted the TikTok video, adding his own comments about the distasteful joke. The actor confessed that seeing Bell’s reaction made him feel awful since the video made it appear as though they were making light of such a serious subject.

Admission of Insensitivity and Apology

Later in the podcast, Shaw emphasized that regardless of their own experiences as Nickelodeon child actors, they should not have joked about abuse nor displayed insensitivity to the struggles faced by others. She expressed deep regret for adding to the trauma connected to such a profoundly impactful situation, even unintentionally.

Drake Bell was not the only child star to reveal his experiences on ‘Quiet on Set.’ Numerous actors, crew members, and writers from various shows like ‘The Amanda Show,’ ‘Zoey 101,’ ‘iCarly,’ ‘Victorious,’ and ‘Sam & Cat,’ have opened up about abuse, sexism, racism, and inappropriate behavior during their time on Schneider-led productions.

Producer’s Response to the Docuseries

In an exclusive video obtained by THR, Dan Schneider reflected on the docuseries and admitted he could see the pain he had caused. He expressed remorse and wished he could bring his current growth and experience back into the early years of his career to prevent any harm done.

Streaming the Docuseries

‘Quiet on Set’ docuseries is currently available for streaming on Max.

Wrapping Up

This incident serves as a potent reminder of the importance of sensitivity and respect when addressing serious societal issues, particularly those involving abuse. One can only hope that the remorse demonstrated by these stars leads to more thoughtful discussions in the future. For more conversations around television and film, check out HitPlay.

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