Dune 2 Director Claims Young Audience Prefers Longer Films

Dune: Part Two’s director, Denis Villeneuve, believes that young audiences are ready to sit comfortably for three-hour feature films. For him, when paying for movie tickets, these young fans prefer to watch something “substantial”. Villeneuve reveals an even more daring plan for the sequel, Dune Messiah, stating that he would gladly direct it without a single dialogue line!

Dune: Part Two, the sequel to the Warner Bros. adaptation of Frank Herbert’s 1965 original novel, runs for 166 minutes. Despite its length, the director is confident that there is a market full of young cinephiles who are eager for longer theatrical experiences. According to an exclusive interview Villeneuve gave to The Times, he said, “This story’s too dense. I would never make Dune as one movie. This was the only way I could succeed… The youth love to watch long movies because if they pay, they want to see something substantial. They are craving meaningful content.”

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Even more intriguing is his vision for Dune Messiah, the potential third movie in the series. Villeneuve expressed his willingness to direct it without any dialogue! He said, “There is absolutely a desire to have a third one, but I don’t want to rush it. The danger in Hollywood is that people get excited and only think about release dates, not quality.”

Aside from that, Villeneuve recognized the political themes that will undeniably appear in Dune: Part Two. However, he is also alert to the violence that the film contains. He emphasized that it’s not a celebration, but a warning, and he loves the idea of discussing such subjects through the safety of a fictitious culture.

In a lighter vein, if Villeneuve can have his way, Dune: Part Two will follow the path of a silent film. He confessed, “Frankly, I hate dialogue [laughs]. Dialogue is for theatre and television. I don’t remember movies because of a good line, I remember movies because of a strong image. I’m not interested in dialogue at all. Pure image and sound, that is the power of cinema, but it is something not obvious when you watch movies today. Movies have been corrupted by television.”

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Dune: Part Two is set to open exclusively in theaters on March 1. For those waiting eagerly for its release, prepare your popcorn for a substantial, dialogue-free, and meaningful cinematic experience.

Wrapping Up

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