NBC Celebrates Ten Years of Fallon on The Tonight Show with a Primetime Special

Fake laughing on ‘The Tonight Show’ for a decade, Jimmy Fallon will be seen in primetime for a special occasion. NBC is planning a two-hour primetime special to commemorate Fallon’s 10 years of hosting ‘The Tonight Show.’ Slated to air on NBC on Tuesday, May 14, the special will be available for streaming on Peacock the next day.

Fallon Announces the News

Fallon shared the news with his audience on the ‘Tonight Show’ on a Monday evening. In his speech, he showed gratitude to everyone on his staff and crew. He also took the opportunity to thank the audience for their support over the past 10 years. Fallon revealed that NBC will be presenting a two-hour primetime ‘Best of Tonight Show’ special as part of the celebrations. The special will highlight some of the best moments of the ‘Tonight Show’ over the past decade, featuring favorite sketches, guests, and musical performances.

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A Decade As Host

Fallon undertook his role as the host of ‘The Tonight Show’ in February 2014. He stepped into the shoes of illustrious predecessors such as Steve Allen, Jack Paar, Conan O’Brien, Jay Leno, and Johnny Carson. The opportunity to be part of ‘The Tonight Show’ for the past 10 years and sit in the chair of iconic hosts before him has been a notable honor for Fallon.

The Relevance of Late-Night TV

Although the impact of late-night TV has varied over the years, it continues to play a critical part for broadcast networks. Hosts often act as brand ambassadors, leading various shows, presentations, and events. For NBC, ‘The Tonight Show’ is a key production, under the oversight of Lorne Michaels and Broadway Video, along with other shows like ‘Late Night with Seth Meyers’ and ‘Saturday Night Live.’

Fallon’s Legacy on NBC

From his time on ‘Saturday Night Live’ to ‘Late Night’ and now ‘The Tonight Show’, Jimmy Fallon has built a significant legacy on NBC. Mark Lazarus, chairman of NBCUniversal Media Group, commended Fallon, calling him one of the greatest performers throughout NBC’s rich history. Fallon has grown ‘The Tonight Show’ with his unique style of humor and continues to entertain millions of people every night.

Wrapping Up

While celebrating Fallon’s ten years of hosting ‘The Tonight Show,’ the upcoming primetime special will not only highlight his memorable moments but honor his significant contribution to the show. Fallon’s humor, charm, and unique style of hosting continue to win hearts and deliver laughs. To enjoy more such entertaining content, check out HitPlay.

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