BTS’ J-Hope’s Documentary ‘Hope on the Street’ to Launch on Prime Video

Get ready to experience the journey of K-pop superstar j-hope, from BTS, in a new docu-series called “Hope on the Street.” The series, available exclusively on Prime Video, provides fans a glimpse into the life and career of j-hope. From his beginnings to his love for dance, the series showcases his return to his roots and his explorations of various global cities. Additionally, fans can look forward to the musical treat of j-hope’s upcoming solo album, which intertwines with the new series.

Hope on the Street: An Insightful Docu-Series

Produced by BTS’ label HYBE, “Hope on the Street” is set to premiere on Amazon service worldwide on March 28, with new episodes slated for release every Thursday and Friday. Prime Video describes the series as a look at j-hope’s beginnings and love for dance, as he embarks on a new journey in his 12th professional year.

The series documents j-hope’s return to his dance roots, combining elements of a travel show. Joined by his former dance instructor, the popping champion Boogaloo Kin, j-hope hits the streets of several iconic cities. From Osaka to Seoul, Paris, New York, and Gwangju, the series follows j-hope meeting inspiring street dancers and getting immersed in the dance culture of these cities.

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A Musical Treat Included

“Hope on the Street” is just part of the package. Fans will be able to hear songs from j-hope’s highly anticipated solo album, “Hope on the Street Vol.1”, which will be out on March 29. The album, described by HYBE as a “special album,” contains six tracks, teasing fans with a double dose of j-hope’s talent.

This new project comes close on the heels of his 2022 solo album, “Jack in the Box”, which reached No. 6 on the Billboard 200 album chart. “Hope on the Street Vol. 1” will be digitally released on March 29 at 1 p.m., Korean time, with pre-sales beginning on Feb. 19.

j-hope’s hiatus and the Special Offering

As j-hope is on an ongoing hiatus due to his mandatory 18-month military service in Korea, the series is a treat for his fans. The star started his service in April 2023 and was appointed as an assistant training instructor with Korea’s 36th Infantry Division in Wonju after completing his basic training in May 2023.

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With this new series and album, fans can experience the life and journey of j-hope intertwined with his music amid his hiatus. It promises to be a treat for fans and a must-watch for the followers of j-hope and BTS.

Wrapping Up

“Hope on the Street” provides fans of j-hope and BTS a unique platform to witness the dedication and passion that goes behind the scenes. Awaiting an exciting amalgamation of travel, dance, and music, don’t miss out on this upcoming docu-series and the solo album. To catch more such engaging content, be sure to visit HitPlay.