Matt Damon Opens Up About New Jason Bourne Movie

American actor Matt Damon has recently shared his excitement about the news of a new Jason Bourne movie in development. During his appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Damon expressed his anticipation to see what’s in store for the much-loved franchise. Although no details have been given to him at this point, the mentioned involvement of Edward Berger, who brilliantly directed All Quiet on the Western Front, was intriguing to the actor. Damon is hopeful about the potential of the movie, despite being unsure about whether he’ll be part of this new Bourne adventure or if someone else will take over the mantle of the character as he ages.

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Matt Damon Discusses the New Jason Bourne Movie

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Damon frankly admits he’s just as keen as the fans to see how the latest installment in the Jason Bourne franchise will turn out. He speaks highly of director Edward Berger and expresses his willingness to work with him, if the opportunity arises. Damon also hints at the possibility of a changing of the guard in the franchise given his age, leaving everyone on tenterhooks about the future of the iconic role.

Edward Berger to Lead the New Jason Bourne Movie?

Edward Berger, who showcased his directorial prowess with the recent success of All Quiet On The Western Front, may likely steer the new Jason Bourne installment. News of his potential involvement came in November 2023, but since then, information about the project has been sparse. Damon, however, hasn’t ruled out reprising his role should things fall into place.

The Legacy of Jason Bourne

The character of Jason Bourne, portrayed by Damon, was first introduced in the thriller The Bourne Identity back in 2002, which was directed by Doug Liman. The franchise continued with two more sequels, The Bourne Supremacy and The Bourne Ultimatum, under the directorial guide of Paul Greengrass. A spin-off called The Bourne Legacy, led by Jeremy Renner, was released in 2012 and Damon made his latest return in 2016’s Jason Bourne.

Apart from the Bourne project, Edward Berger is currently working on Conclave, a thriller featuring renowned actors such as Ralph Fiennes, John Lithgow, and Stanley Tucci. This upcoming movie, based on the 2016 novel of the same name by Robert Harris, hasn’t announced its release date yet.

Wrapping Up

The Bourne franchise has offered complex, action-packed thrillers to audiences for two decades, and the news of a new project only brings more excitement to fans worldwide. While it remains to be seen if Matt Damon will once again step into the shoes of Jason Bourne, his enthusiasm at the prospect of working with Edward Berger gives hopes for a promising future for the franchise. For more latest Hollywood news and updates, please visit HitPlay.

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