Dakota Johnson Reveals “Drastic Changes” Made in Madame Web Script

Dakota Johnson, the leading actress of “Madame Web”, recently revealed surprising details about the film’s production. Despite critics categorizing the superhero film as one of the worst of its kind, Johnson herself claimed that the version of the script she initially read transformed extensively in the production process. As a relatively new experience for Johnson, the making of the film was cloaked in uncertainty and even worry on her part regarding its reception. While Johnson’s performance itself was not explicitly criticized, the film’s script, special effects, and direction have received poor reviews, leading to a low score on Rotten Tomatoes.

Script Changes in “Madame Web”

Following her signing onto the project, Dakota Johnson shared that the film’s final script underwent drastic changes. Yet she remained silent about the exact nature of the alterations. Many are left to speculate whether these modifications weakened the original script, or if the initial version might’ve even been worse than what was used in production.

Johnson’s Uncertain Experience

Previously, Johnson expressed concerns about certain aspects of the film, describing the experience as unfamiliar and even “psychotic.” Despite her doubts about the use of special effects and her own performance, her trust was placed in director S.J. Clarkson’s vision and dedication to the project.

Largely Avoids Individual Criticism

Despite facing harsh criticism overall, Dakota Johnson’s individual performance has generally been spared by critics. Instead, the script as well as the special effects and direction of the film have been under heavy scrutiny from reviewers.

Low Box Office Predictions

With a mere 17 percent score on Rotten Tomatoes, “Madame Web” premiered with estimated box office tracking predicting a $25 million six-day weekend. This projection falls short compared to previous superhero movies, with the production reportedly costing $80 million.

Wrapping Up

Despite the discouraging reviews and box office predictions, the backstory of script changes and Johnson’s own experience during the making of “Madame Web” offer an intriguing look at the film’s production process. For more news, reviews, and film guides, head over to HitPlay.

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