Madame Web Dunked on by Critics, Labeled as ‘Embarrassing Mess’

I know, this one is so hard to believe, right? It’s not like Dakota Johnson hasn’t been telling everyone about it or anything. Anyways, Madame Web is facing a tough challenge when even die-hard fans react with harsh criticism – and that’s exactly what’s happening with Marvel and Sony’s “Madame Web”. In addition to being panned on fan sites, the movie’s critical reviews, now freed from an embargo, are highly unflattering. The film is a part of the Spider-Man universe, directed by S.J. Clarkson, who led “The Defenders”, and features Dakota Johnson, known for her role in “Fifty Shades of Grey”, as a New York paramedic who develops psychic abilities. Unfortunately, despite her role, Johnson isn’t spared in the critical backlash.


The disappointment surrounding “Madame Web” follows on the heels of “The Marvels”, which became the lowest-grossing MCU title of all time, raking in a mere $206 million. It seems like the poor performance of “Madame Web” might put “The Marvels”‘ dismal box office record in danger. Now, let’s see what the critics have to say about the film.

Critical Reviews

Starting off with The Hollywood Reporter, their view is that the film is “an airless and stilted endeavor driven by a mechanical screenplay”. They lament its lack of imagination and feel the movie operates on a need-to-know basis, with characters providing clunky exposition.

The Daily Beast describes the film as a “torturous saga” that has trouble finding a competent tone or coherent action sequence. They criticize the direction and the delivery of the dialogue, and declare Sony’s Spider-Man Universe “completely lifeless.”

Rolling Stone doesn’t hold back, declaring that not only is “Madame Web” worse than its promotional campaign suggested, but it’s a “genuine Chernobyl-level disaster.”

UPI calls it a “new low for superhero debacles,” and Collider criticizes the film’s writing and lack of laughs and thrills, while IndieWire takes issue with the lack character and narrative development, CGI, and overall production style. IGN feels that the plotlines are confusing and that it fails as both a standalone film and a franchise starter.

To end on a lighter note, 3C Films amusingly labels it as “an embarrassing mess” and the “worst comic book movie I have ever seen,” whereas Slashfilm pitches it more as a pre-origin story.

Wrapping Up

It’s official, “Madame Web” is not faring well with fans or with critics. Between scathing reactions from fan sites to equally harsh reviews from critics, the film is facing an uphill battle for success at the box office. If you’re a dedicated Marvel fan or just curious about all the opinions surrounding this film, go ahead and add to [“Madame Web”](’s viewership today.

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