‘Eternals’ Star Kumail Nanjiani Seeks Therapy Over Negative Reviews

As he portrayed Kingo in the 2021 Marvel film ‘Eternals’, Kumail Nanjiani had to tackle not only the battles on the screen, but also offscreen struggles. The film’s negative reviews had a substantial impact on Nanjiani’s mental health, and he has sought therapy to face these challenges. Known for his role in Silicon Valley, the actor prepared for the role in ‘Eternals’ by getting into shape and rehearsing the movie’s Bollywood sequence.

Nanjiani’s Mental Health Challenge Following ‘Eternals’

In an episode of the podcast Inside of You With Michael Rosenbaum, Nanjiani opened up about the mental toll the film’s reviews took on him. He admitted to being “too aware” of the movie’s reception and that he was “reading every review.”

Marvel films typically grace the high ratings on Rotten Tomatoes, scoring as high as 96% and as low as 62%. However, ‘Eternals’ became the first Marvel movie to receive generally negative reviews, earning a mere 47% – a surprising and disheartening figure for the cast and crew.

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Nanjiani’s Journey to Therapy

Nanjiani expressed his disappointment with these reactions, but noted his belief that the movie’s reception had more to do with external factors rather than its actual quality. He discussed the difficulty he faced dealing with this, and the impact it had on him and his wife, Emily. He decided to make a change and started therapy, which he continues to this day.

Wrapping Up

Going beyond the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, Kumail Nanjiani’s experience is a stark reminder of the immense pressure and scrutiny actors face. His candid account of dealing with mental health issues resulting from critical reception opens a dialogue on the importance of mental wellness in the entertainment industry. For more on news, reviews, and previews, check out HitPlay.