Will Ferrell, Harper Steele Discuss ‘Will & Harper’ Sundance 2024 Doc

Welcome to our close-up on the introspective new documentary ‘Will & Harper’, which debuted at the 2024 Sundance Film Festival. The film examines the long-standing friendship between famed comedian Will Ferrell and his friend Harper Steele, showcasing an intimate road-trip that marks Steele’s transition journey as a trans woman. Let’s dive into what brought these two comedic minds together for this enlightening and emotional project.

The Origin of ‘Will & Harper’

Will Ferrell and life-long pal, Harper Steele recently took to ‘The Hollywood Reporter’s’ studio at the Sundance Film Festival, revealing the conception behind their documentary, ‘Will & Harper’. Their friendship, enduring for 30 years, began when they both were kick-starting their careers, notably at ‘Saturday Night Live’, and now, is laid bare in this novel venture— a heartwarming road-trip narrative.

Ferrell’s Perspective

Envisaging the film as a documentary, Ferrell was clear in his intention not to exploit their bond. Instead, he saw it as an opportunity to learn, interact and understand Steele’s transitional journey. Ferrell believed that by capturing their dialogue on this topic, it would offer a unique perspective and show the importance of having such conversations.

The Production

‘Will & Harper’, now seeking distribution following its premiere at Sundance, welcomed Josh Greenbaum of ‘Strays’ fame as its director, it includes Ferrell, Rafael Marmor, Jessica Elbaum, and Christopher Leggett among its producers.

Steele’s Take on the Documentary

For Steele, the documentary was an efficacious platform to narrate her story. Having collaborated with Ferrell earlier on ‘Casa de Mi Padre’ and Netflix’s ‘Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga’, she found the film to be a reliever of her anxieties around her transition. Expressing her thoughts on the process, Steele shared that the support from a high-profile friend like Will Ferrell was invaluable in her journey.

The Full Conversation

Watch their full conversation in the video provided, including Ferrell’s disclosure of a popular television series he’s never seen. Note that ‘THR’s’ studio during the Sundance Film Festival was brought to you by Heineken, Hyundai, Bogner, and SIXT.

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Wrapping Up

With ‘Will & Harper’, we witness a heartfelt exploration of a lifelong friendship navigating new terrain. The film stands testament to the power of friendship and the importance of understanding. Don’t miss out on other timely updates, in-depth critiques, comprehensive previews, and more insightful content from the world of film on https://hitplay.app.

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