Fantasia Barrino Halts Therapy During ‘The Color Purple’ Filming

Fantasia Barrino Takes Emotional Journey for Role in “The Color Purple”

Popular singer and actress Fantasia Barrino has recently shared details of her personal and unique approach to prep for the lead character in the cinematic adaptation of “The Color Purple.” Barrino, who found prominence two decades ago after winning American Idol, took a break from therapy in order to draw upon her own life experiences and to better understand her character – Celie.

Crafting Celie: A Deep Personal Connection

In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Barrino revealed her intentional decision to withdraw from therapy to better embody the character of Celie, who faces both sexual and domestic abuse since early childhood. “I said, ‘I need to go back. I need to go back and I need to go back and step into Celie’s shoes while digging up some of my things, adding it in with Celie’s,'” the actress explained.

Dealing with Past Trauma

Barrino is no stranger to deep personal struggles. She openly discussed the mental and physical abuse she once suffered in her life, including contemplating ending her own life. Nevertheless, the star didn’t let her past overshadow her art. She made efforts to uncover layers of her character by asking her family members about the trauma they experienced, in order to give life to the older version of Celie.

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Back to Healing

After concluding her film shoots, Barrino resumed her sessions with her therapist, whom she credits for helping her heal and forgive her abusers. Despite therapy being a considerable expense, she echoed the need for it among communities dealing with trauma and generational curses, topics that are strongly portrayed in “The Color Purple.”

A Journey of Self-Discovery

Fantasia saw her reprised role of Celie, a character she first played in 2007’s Broadway musical adaptation of “The Color Purple”, as a blessing despite the immense emotional toll. “But I thank God for Celie because she continued the healing for me,” she emphasized.

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