Abigail Spencer Delivers Meghan Markle’s Message to Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson must be thrilled to hear that Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, was rooting for her on “American Idol” back in 2002. The revelation came from Abigail Spencer on a recent episode of “The Kelly Clarkson Show.” It turns out that Markle is a fan of more than Clarkson’s music—she also cast her vote for the pop star during her season on the singing competition show.

Spencer, who appeared on the show alongside Donald Fusion to promote her latest NBC sitcom, “Extended Family”, shared this tidbit during a conversation about Markle. As it happens, the Duchess of Sussex and the sitcom star have remained good friends. Furthering the connection to Clarkson, Spencer recalled Michael Bublé raving about her being “the greatest singer on earth” during a dinner with Meghan and Prince Harry. The sweetest part, however, was the message that Spencer conveyed from Markle, “Meg says hello and that she loves you and that she voted for you on American Idol.”

Clarkson, of course, was tickled by this information and happily remarked on how the voting had worked in her favor, given her Season 1 win on “American Idol.”

All of this puts Spencer in a unique position among the “Suits” cast. According to a recent interview with Gina Torres in “Variety,” none of the other cast members have Markle’s current phone number. They spent the summer discussing the show’s success on Netflix and Peacock without the Duchess. But it seems Spencer does have Markle’s number, though she isn’t sharing it with the others.

SUITS, l-r: Meghan Markle, Abigail Spencer in 'God's Green Earth' (Season 5, Episode 13, aired February 10, 2016).

Clearly, TV show alliances and friendships run deep. But that’s not all that binds Spencer and Markle. Spencer recalls meeting the then-actress in 2007 while doing a pilot for NBC: “I walk in, I see this beautiful, gorgeous creature at the end of the table and I’m like, ‘Who is that?’” Spencer says that they hit it off immediately and found out that they even share the same birthday. Their friendship developed further when they were reunited in 2011 on “Suits”, forming a deep and long-lasting bond.

Now, given this revelation, the public wonders if upcoming interviews between Meghan and Clarkson could be on the cards. While we wait for any such developments, it’s delightful to get these glimpses into the Duchess’s relationships and interests expressed through her longstanding friendship with Spencer.

Wrapping Up

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