David Ayer Says Goodbye to His “Suicide Squad” Director’s Cut

In an unexpected turn of events, David Ayer has put the brakes on his eight-year quest for the director’s cut of “Suicide Squad”. What was once a labor of love for the director, Ayer’s passion project has hit a dead end amidst rising complications with DC.

What Led to the Fallout?

Ayer had held high hopes for his cut, tweeting his optimism as recently as December. However, recent developments have seemed to finally break his spirit. In a somber tweet, he announced, “I’m done with DC.” Subsequently, the director deleted several other posts, hinting at feeling let down by DC head, James Gunn. What once seemed like DC extending the Zack Snyder’s “Justice League”-style grace to Ayer’s version of “Suicide Squad” now appears to be an unfulfilled dream.

Unveiling the Story Behind the Screen

A month prior, Ayer had expressed ambitious claims about his director’s cut changing the course of history. He had chastised the theatrical cut of “Suicide Squad”, comparing it to watching harm come to a loved one. According to Ayer, the critical fallout from ‘Batman vs Superman’ led Warner Bros to interfere heavily in his vision. The studio allegedly reworked his original cut, emphasizing the comedic elements and diluting its darker tone.

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Ayer’s Take on the Studio Interference

Upon addressing the alleged studio interference, Ayer’s discontent was palpable. He insists the variations between his director’s cut and the studio’s version were night and day. Ayer contends, “It’s not a matter of a new scene or two. I made a drama, not a clown show. I made a great movie.”

Will We Ever Know the Truth?

Could it be possible that Ayer’s interpretation of “Suicide Squad” is “vastly better” than the theatrical version? Would the director’s cut reveal a hidden gem in the chaotic revelry that painted the cinematic experience? Based on the information we have, Warner Bros altered the film heavily, suggesting Ayer’s cut could be a drastically different rendition. It’s a pity that we may never have a chance to witness it.

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