Blumhouse confirms The Black Phone 2 set for 2025 release

Prepare for a second ring of terror as Blumhouse and Universal collaborate once more for “The Black Phone 2”, a follow-up to the 2022 bone-chilling supernatural horror hit. Although details for the sequel are currently scarce, it has already been confirmed that director Scott Derrickson and actor Ethan Hawke will be back to strike fear into our hearts.

“The Black Phone,” which graced our screens in 2022, saw tremendous box office success and outstanding critical praise. This impressive performance, featuring an Academy Award nominee and a frighteningly unique story, has made the decision to continue the narrative a no-brainer.

The Black Phone Sequel Release Date

We can expect to jump out of our seats once again as “The Black Phone 2” is slated to make its terrifying premiere on June 27, 2025. According to producer Ryan Turek as reported to, fans will be excited to hear that Ethan Hawke will reprise his role as “The Grabber”. This was one of Derrickson’s stipulations for his return to this chilling franchise.

A Recap of “The Black Phone”

Set the stage with a chilling tale brought to life by a stellar cast. The original film starred Ethan Hawke as “The Grabber,” a sadistic, mask-wearing, child abductor, and magician. Following the abduction of 13-year-old Finney, played by Mason Thames, the audience is taken on a petrifying journey when Finney discovers a disconnected phone in his sound-proof basement cell that rings with calls from his captor’s previous victims – all who are now dead, trying to help Finney survive.

An Award-winning Horror Success

The 2022 horror hit “The Black Phone” raked in $161M globally, earning its place as a box office success. Critics couldn’t help themselves but shower praises on the cast, and the movie went on to bag the 2022 Saturn Award for best horror film and the 2023 Hollywood Critics Association Film Award for best horror. A sequel was an unmistakable affirmation of the original’s undeniable success.

Behind the Scenes of “The Black Phone”

Horror lovers have to extend their thanks to Derrickson and C. Robert Cargill, who wrote “The Black Phone.” The duo managed to adapt a short story of the same name by Joe Hill into a spine-chillingly successful movie. They also filled the shoes as producers alongside Jason Blum for Blumhouse.

Scott Derrickson’s Views on “The Black Phone” Sequel

When talks of a sequel started, Derrickson was in support as long as Hawke reprised his role as the chilling villain. He also hinted at a crossover universe in his contribution to “V/H/S/85” that somewhat linked to the “Black Phone” narrative, adding more hype to the upcoming sequel.

“It’s possible. It’s not a definite thing, but if it does become definite, you’ll be the first to hear… I can tell you this much, I wouldn’t make a ‘Black Phone’ sequel without Ethan. I don’t think there’d be any point in doing that.”

Derrickson has also contributed to the “Black Phone” universe in the latest installment of the found-footage franchise, “V/H/S/85,” now streaming on Shudder. It seems like fans of the horror thriller can look forward to even more connections and surprises in “The Black Phone 2.”

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