Sean Gunn Replaces Pedro Pascal as Villain in James Gunn’s DCU

It seems the Gunn brothers are set to continue their collaboration within the DC Universe. Following a series of successful projects, Sean Gunn, known for his frequent work with his brother James Gunn, is reportedly taking on a new villain role in the quickly expanding universe.

From Weasel to Maxwell Lord

Sean Gunn’s involvement in the DC Universe is not a recent development. He’s been an integral part of numerous major films directed or written by his brother. Sean notably provided the vocalizations for Weasel in the Creature Commandos and is expected to reprise this role in future live-action projects featuring the unconventional group. However, apart from his role as Weasel, a report by Deadline reveals that we will also see Sean in a different on-screen role.

The first time fans saw Sean as Weasel was in the blockbuster film The Suicide Squad, directed by James. The character’s initial demise within the movie’s opening minutes, only to be revealed as alive in the post-credits scene, left audiences surprised and wanting more. However, aside from exhibiting his skills in a motion-capture suit as Weasel, Sean also portrayed the character of Calendar Man.

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According to Deadline’s report, Sean is now set to take on the role of Maxwell Lord, the sinister businessman depicted earlier by Pedro Pascal in Wonder Woman 1984. While it remains unclear if the character will make an appearance in Superman: Legacy, sources suggest that there will be references to Maxwell’s presence before his official introduction in later projects.

James Gunn’s Casting Preferences

A consistent feature in James Gunn’s work is his tendency to work with familiar faces. Apart from Sean, actors like Michael Rooker and Nathan Fillion are among those known to continuously collaborate with James. Both Rooker and Fillion have been present in everything James has directed so far. The upcoming film, Superman: Legacy, will see Fillion continuing this trend as he steps into the shoes of Green Lantern Guy Gardiner.

Another potential addition to the DC Universe from James’s former collaborators at Marvel is legendary actor Kurt Russell. Widespread speculation suggests that he could play another fatherly role in the form of Jor-El in the DCU, following his portrayal of Ego, the father of Peter Quill, in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.

Other recurring faces in Gunn’s projects include Sylvester Stallone, Steve Agee, Mikaela Hoover, Daniela Melchior and Jennifer Holland. When fans voiced concerns about his casting habits, James Gunn responded confidentely, stating that he casts those he trusts to deliver the best performance for a role, sometimes resulting in multiple collaborations with the same actors.

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While we wait for more details, fans can look forward to the release of Superman: Legacy on July 11, 2025.

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