Sylvester Stallone Accused of Insulting Extras on ‘Tulsa King’; SAG Hits Back

The Screen Actors Guild ‐ American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA) has spoken up in response to purported remarks made by acclaimed actor Sylvester Stallone on the set of his TV show ‘Tulsa King’. Stallone is alleged to have ridiculed background actors during the show’s ongoing shoot for its second season in Oklahoma and Atlanta. Although the Union has yet to receive an official complaint in connection with the incident, SAG-AFTRA has reiterated its commitment to ensure the well-being of all performers on the set.

Union Responds to Alleged Criticism by Stallone

The SAG-AFTRA spokesperson stated, “There is no room on any set for disparaging comments to background actors or any performers.” This came in response to the controversy stirred by Stallone, who allegedly made derogatory comments about the appearance of some background actors on the set of ‘Tulsa King’.

An Atlanta-based company chose to withdraw its support for the Paramount+ series following these allegations. The 77-year old actor and an anonymous director were alleged to have referred to several background actors as “ugly,” “tub of lard” and “fat guy with a cane.”

Background Actor Speaks Out

Thomas Mooneyham, a background actor on the show, revealed that he was asked to vacate a bar scene to be replaced by two other actors. He felt that some of the offensive comments were targeted at him. Mooneyham stated he was singled out due to his size and because he was the only actor on set with a cane.

There were also reports of Stallone requesting the production team to bring in more attractive women on the set. Stallone’s team has yet to share a response to these allegations.

Producer and Director Denies Allegations

Craig Zisk, the Executive Producer and Director of ‘Tulsa King’, has denied any inappropriate behavior on Stallone’s part in a statement to TMZ. Zisk refuted claims about Stallone wanting attractive young women on set, pointing out that Stallone’s wife, Jennifer Flavin, was present throughout.

Zisk suggested that miscommunication may have been the underlying problem, alleging that the Catrett-Locke Casting company was improperly casting extras and refusing to share headshots of background actors before shooting.

Casting Company Bows Out

The Catrett-Locke Casting company has announced its decision to discontinue its collaboration with ‘Tulsa King’ on its official Facebook page. They thanked all the background artists for their continuous support despite parting ways with the show.

Stallone, who portrays Dwight “The General” Manfredi, a mobster recently freed from jail and banished to Oklahoma, had previously expressed his excitement about working on the series. The cast of ‘Tulsa King’ also includes renowned actors like Garrett Hedlund, Andrea Savage, Domenick Lombardozzi, Vincent Piazza, and Frank Grillo.

Wrapping Up

Despite the controversy surrounding ‘Tulsa King’, the show seems set to continue production for the upcoming season. For more updates on your favorite shows, head to HitPlay.

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