Doctor Who: The 10 Best Amy Pond Episodes (According To IMDb)

Amy Pond, portrayed by Karen Gillan, stands out as one of the most beloved companions in the modern era of “Doctor Who.” From her first appearance in 2010 to her poignant farewell in 2012, Amy’s journey alongside the Eleventh Doctor, played by Matt Smith, has been a blend of adventure, emotion, and growth. IMDb ratings from fans reflect her impact, highlighting the best episodes featuring Amy Pond during her tenure on the TARDIS. Here’s a look at the top-rated Amy Pond episodes, celebrating her legacy in the Whoniverse.

The Time Of Angels – 8.7

The Weeping Angels, notorious for their chilling presence in the Doctor Who universe, make a grand return in “The Time of Angels,” earning an impressive 8.7 rating on IMDb. This episode is a sequel to the critically acclaimed “Blink” and sees the Eleventh Doctor and Amy Pond joining forces with River Song.

The episode’s brilliance lies in its ability to infuse horror and suspense, with Amy at the center of the terror. When she views a Weeping Angel through a video feed, it starts a psychological battle that is as eerie as it is gripping. Her struggle to keep her eyes open, fearing turning to stone, highlights the perils of time travel. This episode is a testament to Amy’s bravery and the profound impact of the Weeping Angels on the series.

Day Of The Moon – 8.8

“Day of the Moon” continues the storyline introduced in “The Impossible Astronaut,” delivering a cinematic experience with a dark and innovative twist. The episode is lauded for maintaining the tension and mystery from its predecessor, with a focus on the enigmatic Silence.

Amy Pond’s journey in this episode is integral, showcasing her courage and vulnerability. The Silence, creatures that are forgotten the moment one looks away, present a unique and terrifying challenge. Amy’s reaction to these formidable foes adds a layer of realism and fear to the narrative, making “Day of the Moon” a standout episode in her tenure.

The Eleventh Hour – 8.8

“The Eleventh Hour” marks a new beginning for Doctor Who, introducing the Eleventh Doctor and Amy Pond. This episode is particularly noteworthy for its successful transition from the Tenth Doctor’s era, blending whimsy and adventure seamlessly.

Amy’s character shines in this episode, first as a child full of wonder, and then as a confident, feisty adult. Her interactions with the Eleventh Doctor are delightful, bringing a fresh dynamic to the show. The episode’s blend of humor, action, and character development makes it a fan favorite and a brilliant introduction to Amy’s journey with the Doctor.

The Impossible Astronaut – 8.9

Kicking off season six, “The Impossible Astronaut” takes Doctor Who to new heights, both in storytelling and emotional depth. This episode is renowned for its unexpected twists, including the shocking death of the Doctor.

Amy’s emotional journey in this episode is central to its impact. Her reaction to the Doctor’s death and the subsequent revelations adds a layer of complexity and heartache. The episode’s blend of time travel, mystery, and emotional turmoil creates a captivating narrative, with Amy’s character at the forefront of the drama.

The Angels Take Manhattan – 9.0

“The Angels Take Manhattan” marks a poignant and tear-filled farewell for Amy Pond, receiving a 9.0 rating on IMDb. Set in 1938 New York, this episode intertwines the terror of the Weeping Angels with the emotional departure of Amy and Rory.

The episode’s highlight is its intricate plot, featuring a paradox that ultimately leads to the destruction of the Angels. However, it is the emotional depth of Amy’s choice to join Rory in a time-locked past, despite the Doctor’s pleas, that truly resonates. This heartbreaking decision emphasizes the depth of her character and her love for Rory, making it an unforgettable and bittersweet conclusion to her journey with the Doctor.

The Doctor’s Wife – 9.0

“The Doctor’s Wife,” a unique and beloved episode, shifts focus to explore the relationship between the Doctor and the TARDIS, personified as Idris. However, Amy Pond plays a significant role in this narrative.

Trapped by the malevolent entity known as House, Amy faces both physical and psychological challenges. Her resilience and resourcefulness are on full display, adding depth to the episode’s narrative. “The Doctor’s Wife” stands out not only for its exploration of the Doctor’s bond with the TARDIS but also for highlighting the strength and importance of his companions.

The Big Bang – 9.1

“The Big Bang” skillfully wraps up the chaotic events of season five’s finale. With the universe collapsing, the Doctor embarks on a desperate quest to rewrite reality and save everything he knows.

Central to this episode is Amy Pond, whose character arc reaches a dramatic climax. Her ability to summon the Doctor to her wedding through sheer force of will is both a testament to her character’s strength and the power of memory and belief in the Doctor Who universe. This episode, while complex, beautifully concludes Amy’s first season, showcasing her significance in the Doctor’s life.

A Good Man Goes To War – 9.1

In “A Good Man Goes To War,” Doctor Who explores themes of pregnancy and loss through Amy’s character. Her baby, Melody, is abducted, leading to a heart-wrenching narrative that intertwines with the larger lore of the series.

This episode stands out for its emotional depth, particularly in revealing that Melody is River Song, a revelation that adds layers to Amy’s character and her relationship with the Doctor. The story is a poignant exploration of motherhood, loss, and the complexities of time travel, solidifying its place as one of Amy’s most impactful episodes.

The Pandorica Opens – 9.1

In “The Pandorica Opens,” the first part of season five’s finale, Doctor Who delivers a narrative full of twists and turns. When Amy and the Doctor are summoned to Roman Britain, they uncover the Pandorica, a legendary prison believed to contain the universe’s most dangerous creature.

This episode is renowned for its intense climax, where Amy is shockingly killed by an Auton version of Rory, and the Doctor is imprisoned in the Pandorica. The convergence of the Doctor’s greatest foes to trap him adds a layer of intrigue and desperation, making this episode one of the series’ most thrilling.

Vincent And The Doctor – 9.3

“Vincent and the Doctor” is not just a high point for Amy Pond’s character but is also celebrated as one of the best episodes in Doctor Who. Focusing on Vincent van Gogh, this episode takes a more human-centric approach.

Amy’s interactions with Vincent van Gogh are tender and moving, highlighting the episode’s focus on empathy and understanding. The moment where Amy and the Doctor show Vincent the lasting impact of his art is particularly touching, symbolizing the power of kindness and the enduring nature of legacy. This episode is a beautiful blend of historical fiction and emotional depth, making it a standout in Amy Pond’s storyline.

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