Robert De Niro says speech blasting Trump was cut, Blames Gotham Awards and Apple

At the Gotham Awards, Robert De Niro presented a stirring introduction for “Killers of the Flower Moon,” during which he encountered a notable issue with the teleprompter. The veteran actor, known for his outspoken nature, didn’t shy away from expressing his dissatisfaction on stage.

De Niro’s Teleprompter Trouble

Initially, De Niro’s presentation for the film, a collaboration with Martin Scorsese and the Osage people, proceeded smoothly. However, he soon realized that parts of his speech, particularly those addressing political matters, had been removed from the teleprompter. Despite this setback, he continued with his introduction, which was followed by a video tribute to Scorsese.

Outspoken on Political Matters

After the tribute, De Niro openly criticized the editing of his speech, specifically his comments about former president Donald Trump. He accused Trump of attacking the vulnerable and disrespecting nature and cultural sensitivity, using “Pocahontas” as an example of such disrespect. De Niro’s frustration was palpable as he noted the removal of his remarks and questioned the audacity of the organizers for censoring his speech.

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History and Truth in Focus

De Niro emphasized the distortion of history and truth in contemporary discourse, highlighting the increasing prevalence of lies in political rhetoric. His insistence on reading the original version of his speech underscored his commitment to honesty and integrity, particularly in the context of historical narratives.

Recognition of Co-Star Lily Gladstone

In a lighter moment amidst the controversy, De Niro’s co-star Lily Gladstone, who won the Outstanding Lead Performance for “The Unknown Country,” shared her reaction backstage. With a touch of humor, she joked about needing to start lifting weights after her double win at the event.

For a complete summary of winners at the 33rd Gotham Awards, which include the likes of “Past Lives” for Best Feature and Charles Melton for Outstanding Supporting Performance, visit the complete list of Gotham Awards winners here. Additionally, De Niro’s impassioned speech can be viewed in the link provided.