Meghan Markle comments on Suits’ Netflix success: ‘Good shows are everlasting’

The USA Network’s acclaimed legal drama, Suits, has been making a surprising comeback on Netflix, breaking numerous streaming records on the platform. The mouthpiece of its resurgence has been none other than the former Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, who portrayed the character Rachel Zane for seven seasons.

In a chat with Variety, Meghan expressed her fascination at the show’s revival and discussed her delightful experiences on the set. Suits’ enduring appeal has been majorly credited to its engaging content, the truckloads of episodes tailored for binge-watching, its rewatchability factor, and Netflix’s algorithms that ensure the series is visible to new audiences. Thankfully for fans, reports suggest that there could be a possible continuation of the show.

Suits’ Revival on Netflix: A Surprising Turn of Events

The legal drama, which concluded on the USA Network in 2019, has managed to captivate audiences once again on Netflix with an impressive number of streams, toppling previous records. Meghan Marke, the Duchess of Sussex, who played a character for seven seasons, has been nostalgically reflecting on the show’s success.

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When asked about the resurgence of the show, Meghan, fascinated, said: “Isn’t that wild? It was great to work on, such a great cast and crew. We had a really fun time. I was on it for seven seasons, so quite a bit. But it’s hard to find a show you can binge-watch that many episodes of these days, so that could have something to do with it. But good shows are everlasting.”

Suits: A Classic That Keeps Giving

Next begs the question: What makes Suits so appealing? According to Gene Klein, the show’s executive producer, the show’s rewatchability combined with Netflix’s influential algorithms that keep the series fresh to new viewers play a critical role. Providing a dual perspective, Klein believes that both the inherent qualities of the show that appeal to new and returning viewers and Netflix’s role in augmenting its visibility make Suits a hit.

Emphasizing the potential for a revival, Klein indicated the challenges related to reassembling the original cast but showed enthusiasm for the idea. A recent gathering of the Suits team reinforced the strong bonds formed over the duration of the show.

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Suits TV show poster

Ever since its debut, Suits has remained a captivating legal drama revolving around the high-stakes world of a Manhattan law firm, winning attention for its sharp writing, dynamic storytelling, and engaging characters. The blend of intense legal cases with intricate personal dramas sets it apart, making it a favorite for viewers seeking intellectual and emotional gratification.

Suits’ success on Netflix is a testament to the evolving landscape of television viewership where streaming platforms like Netflix play a pivotal role. The series is a bright example of the enduring impact of remarkable storytelling and character development against a dynamic landscape of TV and streaming. This not only celebrates the show’s past achievements but also paves the way for future developments in its enthralling universe. But above all, it serves as a reminder of how exceptional narratives can overcome time and context to find new relevance and appreciation in a different era.

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