Official trailer released for ‘Zeitgeist Films at 35’ celebration

‘Zeitgeist Films at 35’: A Tribute to Indie Cinema Lands in NYC

Ready to dive deep into the world of independent cinema? A New York-based indie distributor named Zeitgeist Films is making some noise as it celebrates its 35th anniversary. If you’re an independent cinema buff, this company is likely already on your radar. Since its inception in 1988, Zeitgeist Films has been instrumental in bringing small-scale films to the U.S. market, highlighting them in art house cinemas, and providing a platform for emerging filmmakers.

Their catalog boasts over 200 of the finest independent films from across the globe and includes early works from brilliant directors such as Todd Haynes, Christopher Nolan, François Ozon, Laura Poitras, Atom Egoyan, and the Quay Brothers. Moreover, they’ve showcased groundbreaking films from renowned filmmakers like Agnes Varda, Guy Maddin, Olivier Assayas, Jia Zhang-ke, Abbas Kiarostami, Park Chan Wook, amongst many others.

Marking their 35th year in style, Metrograph is hosting screenings of some of their finest masterpieces. In the words of the Zeitgeist team, “We’re particularly looking forward to reuniting with some of our filmmakers who will join us to share their works, some newly restored in 4K DCP, and others in archival 35mm prints.”

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The screenings of these acclaimed films will take place at the Metrograph venue in NYC and will be available simultaneously on their streaming platform. Special guests such as Guy Maddin, Raoul Peck, Richard Press, and Philip Gefter are scheduled to attend, along with Zeitgeist’s trailblazing Co-Founders Nancy Gerstman and Emily Russo.

The story of Zeitgeist Films is that of two cinephiles—Nancy Gerstman and Emily Russo—who chose to revolutionize the indie film space. What started in New York City in 1988 quickly blossomed into a game-changing venture. The company took risks, meticulously handled its release rollouts, and successfully launched the careers of promising talents, while also offering a platform for seasoned filmmakers.

The Zeitgeist celebration, which began on November 3, 2023, will last until December 1st. If this rundown has piqued your interest, head over to Metrograph’s website for more information on the film screenings and events. You can also delve into Zeitgeist’s fascinating history on their official website.

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