‘The Marvels’ forecasted to have lower box office numbers than ‘The Flash’

The forecast for “The Marvels,” the latest installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), is looking increasingly gloomy. According to internal tracking, the movie might experience a lackluster opening in the range of $45-$50 million. If these forecasts hold true, it may imply the worst opening weekend ever in MCU history, currently held by 2021’s “Eternals” with an opening of $51 million.

“The Marvels” Presales Lagging Behind “The Flash”

As reported by Deadline, presales for “The Marvels” are lagging behind those of “The Flash”. The latter ended up with a $55 million 3-day opening, considered a box-office disaster for Warner Bros. If these presale trends continue, the MCU’s new offering may soon find itself in a similar precarious situation.

Several Factors Contributing to Low Box Office Projections

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The lackluster projections for “The Marvels” could be attributed to a variety of reasons. A notable one being a strike that hinders actors from promoting their films. While this could be a contributing factor, one cannot overlook the potential impact of the so-called “superhero fatigue.” This refers to the viewer’s exhaustion from an overabundance of superhero movies. Brie Larson-starrer, “The Marvels” hits theaters this Friday, November 10th.

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