Nolan’s ‘Oppenheimer’ extends IMAX run for an additional week

Oppenheimer has been widely hailed as one of the top films of the year, providing a phenomenal cinematic experience. It has made a considerable impact on global box offices, reinforcing the appeal of large-scale storytelling to audiences. As it nears an impressive $1 billion in sales, Universal Pictures hope the extended run will push it over this milestone.

Headlined by Cillian Murphy who masterfully portrays the “Father of the Atomic Bomb”, scientist J. Robert Oppenheimer, this three-hour long cinematic journey spans from his nascent years to his involvement in the Manhattan Project, and the ensuing fallout as he unfairly loses his security clearance. Oppenheimer will now be accessible for one more week in select IMAX theaters, including 6 exclusive IMAX 70mm film locations worldwide (via IMAX). Be sure not to miss a repeat performance of this cinematic marvel.

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