First trailer released for China’s ‘Sharktopus’ remake with improved VFX

China’s ‘Sharktopus’ Remake Surfaces with Improved VFX – Check Out the First Trailer!

Iqiyi, the China-based streaming service, has released the first trailer for its exciting creature feature – a remake of the classic Sharktopus. This fresh take on the 2010 SyFy channel gem seems to have cranked up the shark-antics while improving the visual effects. Let’s dive in!

Sharktopus Remake Trailer

The thrilling film unfolds the tale of Fan Jingya, brilliantly played by Michelle Ye. In an attempt to save her son from Motor Neuron Disease, Fan Jingya develops a medical research. However, her boss, Mr. Chen, takes advantage of her groundbreaking work to bring to life Octoshark – a hyper-intelligent hybrid of octopuses and sharks, causing chaos. Can she outsmart the monster?

Apart from Ye, the film also stars Luo Li-Qun, Chen Wen-Jun, and Lemon Li. Sporting a slightly higher budget, Sharktopus comes across as a mix of the 90s’ Deep Rising and the original 2010 movie with a healthy dose of cheese and absurdity.

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Sharktopus Remake Poster
Sharktopus Remake Poster

Directed by Chinese filmmakers Hu Dong-Sheng and Shixing Xu, this fresh version of the cult-favorite monster movie premiered for streaming on October 14th, 2023 in China. International release dates are still under wraps, so stay tuned for updates!

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