‘The Fall of the House of Usher’: Everything We Know About Mike Flanagan’s Adaptation

When books are adapted into movies or series, there’s a sweet spot between preserving the original source and offering fresh, artistic insight. Horror director Mike Flanagan—known for Doctor Sleep and Gerald’s Game—has a knack for striking this balance, as seen in his previous Netflix miniseries. Now, he’s taking on a classic piece of literature: Edgar Allan Poe’s The Fall of the House of Usher. But what should you expect from this modern twist on a 19th-century tale? Here’s everything we know.

When Is ‘The Fall of the House of Usher’ Coming Out?

Netflix has confirmed that The Fall of the House of Usher made its spine-chilling debut on October 12, 2023. The timing couldn’t be better with Halloween right around the corner.

Does ‘The Fall of the House of Usher’ Have a Trailer?

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The first full-length trailer dropped on September 12, revealing glimpses of the Usher family’s haunting world. A teaser had already been released on August 12 via Twitter. A newer clip, made public on October 2, introduces the Usher family more intimately, setting the stage for the eerie drama to unfold.

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What Is ‘The Fall of The House of Usher’ About?

The original short story is a macabre classic, revolving around a decaying ancestral home and the Usher siblings—Roderick and Madeline. The updated series follows Roderick Usher as the CEO of Fortunato Pharmaceuticals. A shapeshifting demon from his past and a determined attorney seek to expose the family’s dark secrets, setting the stage for a confrontation that might just lead to Roderick’s undoing.

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Who’s Making ‘The Fall of the House of Usher’?

This Netflix project marks the fifth collaboration between Mike Flanagan and Trevor Macy under Intrepid Pictures. Filming began in 2022 and wrapped up on July 9, overcoming obstacles such as recasting Roderick Usher from Frank Langella to Bruce Greenwood.

Who’s In the Cast of ‘The Fall of the House of Usher’?

The cast features a number of Flanagan’s regular collaborators, including Carla Gugino, Kate Siegel, and Henry Thomas. Bruce Greenwood takes on the pivotal role of Roderick Usher, while Mary McDonnell stars as his twin sister, Madeline. Mark Hamill is cast as the family attorney, Arthur Pym.

Will ‘The Fall of the House of Usher’ Follow the Source Material?

Given Flanagan’s previous adaptations, it’s safe to say that The Fall of the House of Usher will use the original tale as a springboard for a richer, more elaborate narrative. The miniseries will likely pull from other Poe works, weaving them into the overarching story. So while you can expect echoes of Poe’s original themes—madness, decay, and the supernatural—prepare for a series that delves deeper into the psychological aspects of these elements.

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There’s plenty to get excited about in this reimagining of a literary classic. If Flanagan’s previous work is any indication, this miniseries is going to be a blend of psychological thrills and spine-chilling storytelling that modern audiences will relish.

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