Poster of the Day: Alice in Acidland / Alice Goes to Acidland (1969)

A Trip Down the Rabbit Hole: Alice in Acidland (1969)

Taking a psychedelic leap beyond the confines of mainstream cinema, “Alice in Acidland / Alice Goes to Acidland” from 1969 invites viewers into a realm marked by unrestricted fantasy and radical transformation. This cult classic surrealist film, directed by John Donne, suffuses the familiar narrative of Alice’s adventures with an intoxicating edge of the 1960s counterculture.

Plot Overview

Set in an unnamed American suburb during the height of the psychedelic ’60s, the film drifts between reality and a hallucinatory dreamscape. Alice Trenton, portrayed by the captivating Sheri Jackson, leaves behind her world of strict parental oversight for an experimental journey down LSD lane.

Evocative Performances

Despite being relatively unknown at the time, Jackson delivers an unforgettable performance as Alice. Her on-screen transformation from an innocent student into a so-called “lost girl” of the ’60s era is nothing short of exceptional. Secondary roles are vividly brought to life by actors Julie Ange, Roger Gentry, and Forman Shane.

Watch a Scene from “Alice in Acidland”

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Although it may not meet everyone’s cinematic taste, the film undeniably has earned its place as a cult phenomenon, offering an intense, tantalizing exploration of the ’60s counterculture.

Alice In Acidland


Summing up, “Alice in Acidland” proclaims a bold message about the liberating power of nonconformity. It paints a vivid, visceral picture of a pivotal cultural moment, echoing the restless spirit of a generation. With a riveting performance by Sheri Jackson and intriguing directorial choices from John Donne, this psychedelic reimagination of Alice in Wonderland will leave lasting impressions.

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