Game of Thrones Creator Says This TV Show Has the Best Series Finale Ever

In the world of fandoms, finales often carry considerable weight. It’s been seen with series like ‘The Sopranos’, ‘Lost’, and more recently, the globally acclaimed ‘Game of Thrones’. Despite being a popular television behemoth, ‘Game of Thrones’ took a critical hit on its final curtsy, leaving fans and even its creator, George R.R. Martin, disappointed.

George R.R. Martin’s Stand on the Game of Thrones Finale

There is no dispute that ‘Game of Thrones’, adapted from Martin’s ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ series, is one of the most successful small screen ventures of all time. However, the finale didn’t resonate with much of its massive fanbase, with many viewers expressing dissatisfaction on social media. The author of the series, George R.R. Martin, joined the chorus of disillusioned fans.

What makes Martin’s disappointment more poignant is his recent revelation about his favorite series finale. Surprisingly, it had nothing to do with his created world of Westeros.

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George R.R. Martin’s Favorite TV Series Finale

On his personal blog, Martin shared that his pick for the best TV show finale is from ‘Six Feet Under’, a drama series aired on HBO. He praised the final episode as the best in television history and expressed that even though he enjoyed several other shows like ‘Fargo’, ‘Rome’, and ‘Deadwood’, ‘Six Feet Under’ stood out with its impeccable ending.

This revelation does not imply that Martin completely discarded ‘Game of Thrones’. He admitted previously that one of the series’ second-season episodes ranks amongst his 25 all-time favorites.

The Legacy of ‘Six Feet Under’

For those unfamiliar, ‘Six Feet Under’ is a critically acclaimed HBO series that debuted in 2001 and concluded in 2005. The spotlight was on the Fisher family, who ran a funeral home in Los Angeles post the death of their patriarch. It bagged multiple awards during its five-season run and is remembered even today for its impactful storytelling and performances.

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The star-studded ensemble cast included Peter Krause, Michael C. Hall, Frances Conroy, Lauren Ambrose, Freddy Rodriguez, Mathew St. Patrick, and Rachel Griffiths, all of whom played major parts in bringing the Fisher family saga to life.

No Revival in Sight for Six Feet Under

Taking into account the popularity and critical acclaim of ‘Six Feet Under’, there has been speculation for a while about a possible revival. These rumors, however, were put to rest by HBO. The channel’s content CEO, Casey Bloys, stated that a revival does not currently feature in their plans, squashing the hopes of fans expecting to delve back into the lives of the Fisher family.

With this, both ‘Game of Thrones’ and ‘Six Feet Under’ fans are left with the memories of their favorite shows and the endless debates on the merits of their respective finales. It only goes to show how impactful a good ending can be, and how finding the ‘perfect’ finale – like Martin’s pick from ‘Six Feet Under’ – can resonate even years after the curtain call.

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