Blue Exorcist return hinted in surprising new trailer

Anime fans are gearing up for the enthralling return of the celebrated series “Blue Exorcist.” Scheduled for release next year, the series will kick off with the powerful “Shimane Illuminati Saga,” brought to life by the talented team at Studio VOLN.

Anticipation Rises for Return of “Blue Exorcist”

Fans have been clamoring for the return of “Blue Exorcist,” Kazue Kato’s masterful creation. Known for its dynamic plot and complex characters, the series has won over millions of hearts since it first debuted in 2009. The forthcoming season hints at a grand resurgence filled with fiery battles and suspenseful storylines set within a stunningly animated universe.

The third installment of the series is set to kick-start with the “Shimane Illuminati” saga, a thrilling story drawn from Kato’s original manga. An exciting teaser trailer on Aniplex’s official YouTube channel hints at ground-breaking aesthetics from Studio VOLN, the new force behind the animation.

Manga to Screen: An Epic Journey

The journey of “Blue Exorcist” started in Shueisha’s Jump Square, where the world was introduced to Rin—a high-schooler wrestling with his demonic origins. As the narrative unfolded across 29 volumes, fans were captivated by Rin’s journey to strength and his battles against the very root of evil – his own lineage.

The combination of vibrant characters and engrossing plotlines helped “Blue Exorcist” carve its place in the vast world of manga. Standing tall among classics like Yūsei Matsui’s “Assassination Classroom” and Katsura Hoshino’s “D.Gray-Man,” the series boasts a considerable fanbase. Sales have soared beyond 25 million copies worldwide.

Leading the Anime Lineup in Winter 2024

Despite notable time gaps between the first and second seasons, the magnetic appeal of “Blue Exorcist” remains strong. The upcoming ‘Shimane Illuminati Saga’ is not only a renewal of the age-old battle between good and evil but also a homecoming with the return of original voice actors like Nobuhiko Okamoto and Jun Fukuyama.

But “Blue Exorcist” isn’t rekindling its flame alone. The Winter 2024 lineup is brimming with a diverse portfolio of anime series set to whet the appetite of ardent fans. From the fantastical realms of J.C.Staff’s “Tsukimichi: Moonlit Fantasy” to the vast narratives of Pierrot’s “Kingdom,” the upcoming season shows promising adventures and captivating narratives.

A Grand Display of Fierceness: Trailer Launch

As we inch closer to the series’ return, fans worldwide can indulge in a glimpse of what’s to come by watching the series’ teaser trailer:

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The new season of “Blue Exorcist” is already burning brighter than ever. Stay tuned as it prepares to rekindle its blue flame and capture hearts once more.

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