Suits Sets Record with 3 Bn Minutes Viewed for 7 Weeks

Exceeding expectations and shattering records, the legal drama series ‘Suits’ has made a triumphant return to the limelight. This USA Network original show wrapped up in 2019 but has experienced a resurgence of popularity following its addition to Netflix’s robust content roster in recent months. Renewed interest from streaming audiences has seen the series soar to a titan status in the realm of streaming, etching an unprecedented record on the Nielsen streaming charts. As reported by Variety, the series has held viewers captive for over 3 billion minutes weekly for an outstanding seven consecutive weeks.

Old is Gold: ‘Suits’ Continues to Thrive

Providing further testament to the show’s enduring appeal, despite concluding its run a few years ago, the romance of viewers with the legal eagles of ‘Suits’ seems far from over. Audience favor has seen it amass an impressive 26.5 billion minutes of watch time in the last eight weeks alone, attracting viewers across popular platforms like Netflix and Peacock.

‘Suits’ has made headlines since the week of August 7-13, when it held viewers captive for 3 billion minutes. Although the thrilling ‘Stranger Things’ managed to set a remarkable benchmark in 2022, clocking 35.5 billion minutes in eight weeks, the continuous traction of ‘Suits’ is a remarkable trend in streaming history.

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Dominating the Streaming Rankings

Despite stiff competition from both newcomers and established entities, ‘Suits’ managed to secure the top spot, even overshadowing the inaugural week of ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’s’ second season. This successful streak suggests that while a drop below the 3 billion threshold in the coming week seems imminent, the relinquishing of its crown isn’t inevitable.

The Streaming Battlefield Evolves: Familiar Faces Meet Promising Newcomers

The streaming rankings had their regular occupants, such as the charming ‘Bluey’, a staple in the summer chart that comfortably nestled itself at third position with 1.1 billion minutes. This children’s animated series has proven to be a tough contender, often overpowering preschool favorite, ‘Cocomelon’, which rounded out the top ten this week.

Joining the rankings, Netflix’s fresh offerings, ‘Painkiller’ and ‘Heart of Stone’, claimed the fourth and fifth spots respectively. They made notable debuts with viewers dedicating close to a billion minutes to each in their initial days of availability.

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Ripple effects were felt across the board, with blockbuster ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3’ sliding to the seventh spot with 811 million minutes, less than half of its previous week’s viewership. Meanwhile, established series like ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ and ‘NCIS’ held their ground at sixth and eighth places, respectively.

Making a noteworthy entrance at number nine was the latest season of ‘Only Murders in the Building’, which racked up 719 million minutes within the initial six days of the release of its first two episodes.

The Future of ‘Suits’

As we approach the cusp of a new week, anticipation mounts over the fate of these streaming giants. The key question remains – will ‘Suits’ manage to hold its unprecedented reign or will a new contender rise to claim the throne? And given the popularity that ‘Suits’ has enjoyed over the course of the last few months, could we witness a potential revival of the series? Only time will tell.