All the times ‘And Just Like That’ forgot Sex and the City existed

The beloved “Sex and the City” squad is back with “And Just Like That…”, but some fans are feeling a touch of déjà vu mixed with amnesia. Here’s a deeper dive into the eight SATC moments that had us shouting “I couldn’t help but wonder…”.

1. The Time Warp of Mrs. Goldenblatt

Harry recently mentioned that his mother passed away a decade ago. Yet, back in the SATC’s Season 6 premiere (2003), Harry referenced honoring his late mother’s wishes. That puts Mrs. Goldenblatt’s passing at a minimum of 20 years. Did Harry just lose track of time?

2. The Dual Lives of Peter Hermann

Peter Hermann returned this season as George, an app developer who catches Carrie’s eye. Yet, fans might recall Hermann previously appeared as David in SATC. He was set up with Charlotte, thanks to his matchmaking Jewish mother. A significant oversight or a cheeky nod to his prior role?

3. The Notorious Post-it Breakup: MIA

In a recent episode, Carrie reflects on her most painful breakups, with Big’s demise being the most hurtful. But what about the heartbreakingly brief Post-it breakup with Berger? It’s a moment forever etched in SATC lore, yet it surprisingly didn’t make her list.

4. Miranda’s Forgotten Self-Discovery

Miranda’s recent love interest, Che Diaz, has turned her world upside-down. But in SATC’s Season 1, Miranda briefly considered her sexuality. This earlier dalliance is strangely absent in conversations about her current relationship with Che.

5. Zed or Tony: The William Abadie Conundrum

William Abadie reintroduced himself as Zed, a Brooklyn club owner. However, eagle-eyed fans will remember him as Prada salesman Tony from SATC. His career seems to have taken quite a turn.

6. The Disappearing Act of Bitsy’s Daughter

Carrie’s old pal Bitsy reentered the scene without her daughter in tow. Yet, in SATC’s Season 6, Bitsy revealed she was expecting a child with Bobby Fine. Fast-forward, and her daughter should be around 20 now. Where is she in the narrative?

7. Brady’s Age Paradox

Brady, born in the SATC Season 4 finale in 2002, should be around 19 in “And Just Like That…”. Yet, he’s presented as 17. A minor error, or a deliberate choice to add drama to his storyline?

8. The Return of Rosemarie DeWitt: A Twist in Tales

Rosemarie DeWitt popped up as Aidan’s ex-wife Kathy. Yet, she played a different role in SATC – lawyer Fern who critiqued Miranda’s work habits. A surprising recast and a fun tidbit: DeWitt’s real-life spouse is Ron Livingston, the infamous Post-it-ditcher Berger.

Spotted any other inconsistencies or Easter eggs? Join the conversation and immerse yourself in the merged universes of these two iconic series!

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