Get Thrilled: ‘Outpost’ Unveils Stellar 2023 Official Trailer featuring Beth Dover, Ato Essandoh, Dylan Baker, and Becky Ann Baker!

Pop the popcorn and prepare yourself for an intense cinematic experience as you take a sneak peek at the trailer for the eagerly anticipated film, Outpost. This thrilling new movie showcases the acting chops of Beth Dover, Ato Essandoh, Dylan Baker, Becky Ann Baker, Dallas Roberts, Ta’Rea Campbell, Tim Neff, and D.R. Anderson.

Outpost chronicles the story of a woman, who, after surviving a vicious assault, seeks the help of her best friend to leave her harmful ex-partner. She finds a semblance of refuge in a job as a fire lookout amidst the beautiful scenery of northern Idaho. Here, she hopes the tranquility will help her recover from her traumatic experiences. However, her PTSD and loneliness have a different tale to tell, as she embarks on a desperate fight for her life and the community that surrounds her.

The captivating Outpost has been skillfully written and directed by Joe Lo Truglio and is set to premiere both in physical theaters and digitally On Demand starting May 19, 2023.

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