Gear Up for a Dynamic Duo Adventure: Terry Spears Unveils ‘Jovi & Lou’ 2023 Trailer!

Feast your eyes on the trailer of Jovi & Lou, a thought-provoking black comedy featuring an ensemble cast including Victoria Strange, Erman Baradi, Ben Cable, and Allan Wayne Anderson.

Presenting a boldly unorthodox and occasionally scandalous, Jovi & Lou plunges into a universe where Jovi personifies God and Lou identifies as Satan. They decide the destiny of the whole human race, using humanity as game pieces for their twisted entertainment.

In the tragic aftermath of a car accident that sends his wife Mary into a coma, Joey finds himself signing a pact with the devious Lou in an attempt to bring her back from the brink. His journey for her redemption takes him backstage to the territory of the gods, where the human race is only a plaything in the grand scheme of Jovi & Lou’s games.

Jovi & Lou, a film penned and helmed by Terry Spears, is ready to stream on Amazon and will soon be seen on Tubi.

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