The fight to save ‘East New York’: join a fan-led mission!

In the sprawling narrative that is television, some plot twists leave us reeling. This year, the abrupt cancellation of ‘East New York,’ a series that quickly became a beacon of compelling storytelling, has stunned fans and the series’ beloved 74th Precinct alike. Now part of a growing list of 68 shows that will exit stage left in 2023, ‘East New York’ will no longer light up our screens during the 2023-24 television season. But in the face of this unexpected twist, fans are rallying to rewrite the script.

The series, which boasts an all-star cast including Amanda Warren, Jimmy Smits, Ruben Santiago-Hudson, Kevin Rankin, Richard Kind, Elizabeth Rodriguez, Olivia Luccardi, and Lavel Schley, invited audiences to delve deep into the heart of Brooklyn’s 74th Precinct. Amidst a working-class neighborhood on the cusp of transformative change, viewers found themselves absorbed in a rich tapestry of community grappling with the challenges of gentrification.

At the epicenter of this tumultuous saga stood Deputy Inspector Regina Haywood, a character brought to life with aplomb by Warren. A local with familial ties to the neighborhood, Haywood was a beacon of strength and innovation, committed to protecting her community. Together with her dedicated team of officers and detectives, she strived to make the 74th Precinct an integral part of the community fabric.

Despite attracting an average rating of 0.38 in the 18-49 demographic and drawing a formidable 5.01 million viewers, talks of renewal between CBS and Warner Bros. came to a standstill when CBS chose to renew ‘SWAT’. As a result, ‘East New York’ found itself in an unexpected showdown, and despite its growing popularity, it was ultimately cancelled.

And even though the final episode, “Ruskin Roulette,” aired on May 14th, fans are not ready to say goodbye. In an extraordinary show of support, viewers have taken to, launching a petition to save ‘East New York’. The campaign aims to rally CBS and Warner Bros. to reconsider their decision and breathe new life into a series that has captured the hearts of millions.

In an equally unexpected turn of events, ‘True Lies,’ another promising freshman drama, also faced the chopping block today.

But now, we turn to you. Were you captivated by the gripping narrative of ‘East New York’? Does the cancellation of this groundbreaking police drama leave you with a sense of loss? Are you surprised by the network’s decision?

Join the cause to keep ‘East New York’ alive and sign the petition on

Together, we can keep the spirit of ‘East New York’ burning bright.

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